Friday, April 24, 2009

Single-Handedly Stimulating the Economy

I have been so bored at work this week, due to low volume and getting into the "rotation" instead of taking every chat that comes along, that I have been spending a lot of time online finding all kinds of things that I just HAVE to purchase. Add this to the 5 pairs of shoes and new summer wardrobe purchased this weekend and I may be personally responsible for stimulating the economy.

I did manage to get almost everything I purchased on sale or with some kind of discount or a gift card, and even a few coupons, but I have still spent a lot more money than anyone needs to be spending right now. I was able to find smoking deals on shoes at Rack Room, got numinous tops, skirts, pants and even a dress from New York and Company, not to mention the online orders (3) placed this week while bored at work. I am currently awaiting a shipment of a filing cabinet and shelf along with some storage boxes from Wal-Mart and several items from Amazon. I also took care of getting my Mom a Mother's Day gift while I was at it - hey, I am not totally selfish!!

I feel like this spending spree was fine last weekend when I was shopping with Smug-Sister and a dear friend as we had not spent any time together in a very long time, and I did not pay full price for anything. But, the continued spending this week stems from what? Depression? A self-destructive mindset? I don't know, but as of right now it is officially over - NO MORE SHOPPING!

I need to concentrate on saving and getting ready to have a baby. I think that the continued inability to get pregnant is really weighing me down. Last month the optimal time was while we were both so sick and this month the optimal time is now, while my husband is out of town. He will be home tonight, so I am optimistic that we may not have missed the window.

I have an appointment with my OB today to discuss options. I did speak with our HR department and the testing required to diagnose fertility problems would be covered, however, any treatment of fertility problems would not be covered. I am actually really pissed about that - if they prescribe me a drug to regulate my periods it would be covered, but not a drug to help me get pregnant. I hate that the insurance companies rather than the doctors or the patients dictate what happens in your life. The insurance company could dictate wither or not I have a child - that sucks!

I hope that my issues are simple and not costly to correct or work around. Maybe we will get pregnant today and not even need any stupid drugs.

I would be interested to know if anyone out there has used Clomid or any other mild help for getting pregnant. Also, while I am asking, has anyone found a tried and true way to know when ovulation has occurred? The strip tests are confusing and the BBT chart can vary so much that I am not sure that I trust that either. Anyway...

I am really looking forward to leaving work today at noon. I have time to go home and get the house picked up a bit before my OB appointment. After, I should have plenty of time to treat myself to a mani/pedi as the weather this weekend is supposed to be 87 degrees!!!! I actually turned the heat on this week, it got so cold 54 degrees in the house! On Wednesday it was sleeting slightly and about 40 degrees all day, tomorrow is going be almost 90 degrees - go figure!

Speaking of the cold and stuff on Wednesday! Wednesday was earth day and my company had volunteers from the staff work together to pick up trash on the side of the road where the business is located. The wind was really the worst thing, but overall it is nice to get outside and feel like I was making a difference. I actually snapped at a guy that was helping us pick up, there were almost nothing but cigarette butts on the side of the road and he said "This is really making me think twice about tossing mine out the window now" I said "YOU DO THIS???" he said "yeah, I admit it, ha ha ha" I said "The time has come for you to stop, you are a manager, you are supposed to set an example" he moved off to work with another group a bit after that... He is my new boss's boss so I really should not have snapped at him, but whatever... What's done is done!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

No, I haven't killed myself yet....

Well, since I last posted... we did not go on a bike ride or anything. My husband and I both got the worst stomach bug that I can ever remember having. I was so sick for 24 hours that I thought I would rather die than go through any more pain and suffering. I actually think that the bug itself was gone after about 24 hours, but it took another day to feel like I had enough strength to go back to work and another 2 days before I felt like my old self.

I started "Chatting" at work end the end of last week once I came back to work after being sick. I made $24 in commission - big whoop... I totally don't understand why they say that it takes 6 months to get fully trained on this crap. It is simple and since there is no training what so ever, you just have to do it in order to learn it.

I am going to start my new schedule on Monday, which is 6am - 2pm. I am actually looking forward to this schedule as it will give me 2 hours alone each morning before people come in and start getting on my nerves, and it will also allow me to have more "day" left after work. I can start getting my nephew from school some, workout before the gym gets busy with the after work crowd, make appointments, set up job interviews, develop some hobbies, do homework, and work on a new business venture that a friend and I are thinking about. I figured that I will only have to get out of bed 1 hour earlier than I do now, even though I will come into work 2 hours early.

I am actually enjoying Finance class, which is really surprising, but I think that the last instructor was so bad, that even a less than good instructor is so much better. I also really like finance as a subject, I am good with money and decent with numbers so...

I also am really loving my new team, I met with them for the first time on Sunday and they are so cool and work really hard together and help each other and everyone does their share and I really feel like this is what the team experience should have been like all along. I wish that I had joined them sooner, but I am mostly just really glad that I have the chance to be with them for the rest of the program.

I really feel like I am starting to crest the hill in my life, something is going to happen with the whole work thing, either things will get better at my current company or some new opportunity will present itself. I feel like the rest of the MBA program is going to be fairly smooth sailing. I feel like the whole baby thing is also going to work out just fine. I think that my optimum time tin March was when my husband's family was in town and while we were so sick, so I am pretty sure that I am not pregnant this month, but I feel ready to try again next month without so much doom and gloom surrounding me. I want to work on being positive in all areas of my life. I will allow myself to wallow when needed, but I am really going to work on reducing the frequency.

I think that we are on the cusp of some really great things to happen. I don't feel concerned about the economy right now, school work, work work, the baby - nothing. I am going to be OK...

....At least that is how I feel today :)