Monday, July 30, 2007

Boy, That Boy Can Poop!

I watched my nephew this weekend and we had a really nice time playing together. I took him to the Dollar store and let him pick out a few toys to keep at my house so he has something to play with when he stays with me. He got 2 "rangers of power" figures, a set up plastic nun chucks and sword, and some rubber tube things that stretch.

That evening, he played in the bathtub for a while, brushed his teeth (I did get a "turn" to catch mr. cavity too!) and combed his hair. After getting all ready for bed, we realized that my house did not have the same amenities that his own house has. I do not have a nightlight, children's books, or a sippy cup with a lid, so he can have water handy throughout the night. He tried to be brave, but started to cry a bit. I promised him that when I pick him up from school on Wednesday, we would go shopping for all the things that my house was missing and this seemed to help him stay calm and fall asleep. I totally hate being away from my own bed and my own stuff, when I am staying with someone else, so I can completely understand his unhappiness! I really hate to be the cause of his suffering - it just breaks my heart!

Sunday, Smug-Hub and I took him to mass with us, the main reason being, can he be good and sit still for an hour - he is the ring bearer in our wedding in a few weeks, we want to help him get used to the way it all works. He was SO SO SO good!! He hated all the singing, but was really, really good overall!! I was so proud!!

When we got home, Smug-Hub promptly feel asleep in the magic reclining chair, and I fell asleep on the couch. Will was watching Skrek and at one point I woke up to realize that the movie was on pause. I was concerned and got up to find Will.

At the bottom of the stairs, I heard him talking to himself. As I listened, he continued talking and singing to himself, both in a normal tone and at times in full grunt following my heavy breathing. I realized that he was pooping!! Pooping and holding a very busy conversation with himself!! Now, I want you to start talking to yourself, and about every fourth word, start talking while straining for about 4-5 words, then pause the conversation to huff and puff and get your breath back - this is what I was listening too!!! It was all I could do to keep my giggles quiet enough to keep him from being alerted to my presence. You will be glad to know that he flushed and washed his hands upon completion of this 25 minute pooping episode!

He came back downstairs (I was safely back on the couch by then) and un-paused the movie and picked up his rangers of power figures and began to play quietly by himself so that his very tired aunt and (soon to be) uncle get sleep!

Friday, July 27, 2007

It's a Wedding, Wedding, Wedding World

I am very much looking forward to my wedding, but it is starting to get on my nerves, how no one will let an entire day pass without asking me how the planning is going. The planning is going fine, it has been going fine, it was fine yesterday, it will be fine tomorrow - this is not conversation folks!! I wonder if people think that the wedding is the only thing that I am thinking about and therefore the only thing that I want to talk about - it's not!! I have other interests!!

The other thing that people love to do, is to regale me with all the wedding horror stories that they have ever heard in their lives. Do they think this is helpful information?? No, it just freaks me out!! I don't have a burning desire to hear about who passed out, who tripped and knocked over the cake, who got drunk and ended up dancing on a table - I just really don't need that kind of pressure!

As I have said on a number of occasions, as long and Smug-Hub and I are married at the end of the night, the flower can be dead, the food could suck, the DJ could not show up, the power can go out - I just want to be the wife of this incredible man who loves me with all his heart! God, I can't tell you people how happy I am to be in love with, and loved by that man!! He respects me, picks me up when I am down, comes to me for advice, goes out of his way to do something nice for me, and loves me, loves me, loves me!! Do you know how rare that is? Do you know how lucky I am??

Thursday, July 26, 2007

It's My Party and I'll Freak Out If I Want To

I have been planning my company's 20th Anniversary Celebration (20 years in Roanoke) for the last 3 weeks or so. I have been kind of the lead person who is working to make sure that everything comes together. My boss says that this whole process is a trial run for the wedding. That may be sort of true, except that there are about 42 brides to consult on every issue!! I have not slept well the last 3 nights worrying about items that I may have forgotten.

Yesterday we realized that we had no way to keep the tablecloths in place if the wind was blowing at all (the party is under a tent outside). I called Capt. Party and was told that they had a "bunch" of tablecloth clips. When I showed up to pick them up, they had 4 packages!! I need about 65 packages!!!! They told me that Wal-Mart carried them, I was sent to the party supplies, picnic supplies, fabric and crafts, lawn and garden, and the kitchen gadget aisle by Wal-Mart associates who have no idea what is (or is not) carried in their store. When I finally found the store manager, she also had no idea, how can you manage the whole store and not know what you carry???

I ended up getting some at Fun Times in Salem and the rest at 2 different Dollar stores - 5 places and half a tank of gas to keep tablecloths from the possibility of blowing away!

Don't even get me started on the damn rain! We have not had rain for about 3 months and not that we are having an outdoor party, it has been raining for the last 3 days!!!!!!! I have faith that it is finished and everything is going to be fine for today's event - What else can I do?

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Jumping Aboard The Blogging Train

Good Morning!

I have been reading other blogs for a while now and have finally worked up the... I don't know... ego? to think that perhaps others might enjoy stories from my life as much as I enjoy stories from theirs.

I am 30 years old and live in Virginia. I have lived in Virginia my whole life and hope to someday have the adventure of living elsewhere. I have a wonderful family consisting of my future husband (60 days until the big day!!), my mother, my father and his wife, Smug-Sister and her son (my nephew, the coolest kid in the land!), my brother and my step-brother. I have a wonderful extended family who is loving and supportive.

This blog will probably start out as rantings about wedding planning and turn into rantings about newly married life! I hope to be funny and interesting and not turn into dull ramblings about normal life (ie: I got up this morning, took a shower, ate some toast, etc...).

I have this very cool friend, Sassy, who introduced me to the blogging world and now I have several blogs that I read every day. Sassy is very silly and fun, she is one of my bridesmaids and is directly responsible for getting my butt though the BBA program!!

Ok, so enough with the introductions!!

Sister calls Mom:

Mom: Hello?

Sister: I like sex

Mom: (long pause) ok, most people do...

Sister: What did you say?

Mom: Most people do!

Sister: What do you think I said??

Mom: "I like sex"

Sister: No, I said "I'm Upset"

Laughter erupts and no one is upset any longer!!!