Friday, July 27, 2007

It's a Wedding, Wedding, Wedding World

I am very much looking forward to my wedding, but it is starting to get on my nerves, how no one will let an entire day pass without asking me how the planning is going. The planning is going fine, it has been going fine, it was fine yesterday, it will be fine tomorrow - this is not conversation folks!! I wonder if people think that the wedding is the only thing that I am thinking about and therefore the only thing that I want to talk about - it's not!! I have other interests!!

The other thing that people love to do, is to regale me with all the wedding horror stories that they have ever heard in their lives. Do they think this is helpful information?? No, it just freaks me out!! I don't have a burning desire to hear about who passed out, who tripped and knocked over the cake, who got drunk and ended up dancing on a table - I just really don't need that kind of pressure!

As I have said on a number of occasions, as long and Smug-Hub and I are married at the end of the night, the flower can be dead, the food could suck, the DJ could not show up, the power can go out - I just want to be the wife of this incredible man who loves me with all his heart! God, I can't tell you people how happy I am to be in love with, and loved by that man!! He respects me, picks me up when I am down, comes to me for advice, goes out of his way to do something nice for me, and loves me, loves me, loves me!! Do you know how rare that is? Do you know how lucky I am??


  1. Maybe if you make up a button to wear, Smug, that has on it "Don't even ask!!" and just wear it on the days when you can't bear to hear anything about your upcoming nuptials. If you warn your friends and co-workers to 'mind the button' or else, I'm sure they'll behave. Good luck!

  2. Darlin, just hold up that fabbo diamond ring and the annoying person asking the question will be both blinded and distracted. You can change the topic to the weather in Russia or whether it is really necessary to get a pedicure every week in the summertime.