Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Saddie, Saddie Married Lady!

Hello world! I am officially married to the love of my life and we have been having the nicest time just being together and trying to let it all sink in!

The wedding went by really fast! Smug-Hub and I are both still remembering things, and we are so happy that someone videotaped some of it for us - there is so much that you miss when you are not a spectator at these things! I never realized until after the wedding that I would not get to see Will (my nephew) walk down the aisle! Being that I am the last one down the aisle - I miss everything else!

I can't wait for the pictures to start trickling in! Smug-Sister has a bunch of great ones on her camera and all Smug-Hub's brothers have pictures on their cameras. Sassy has been teasing me with her pictures. Marie and Justin (the professional photographers) will have their pictures online in a few weeks - I may not be able to stand it!!!

We are heading back to work tomorrow, so I will be downloading pictures and giving updates/telling stores for a long time to come! I do love being married! I just love introducing myself and my husband!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Wedding Day!

It is finally here! I was really feeling kind of sickly last night and I did not eat much at the rehearsal dinner, but this morning I feel so excited, I really want to jump up and down! And yet... it still does not feel really real! Oh well! Whatever!

Yesterday went really well, everything got done within the times I had allowed, with time to spare! The decorations for the reception look really beautiful and it really transformed the hall. I took all the girls to get their nails done in the morning and they all look great and everyone seemed to have a good time. The rehearsal was very well run and very organized. I have seen on Bridezilla's and other wedding shows, the rehearsal takes a long time because no one listens and stuff like that, but everyone at mine was well behaved and listened and everything!

Everyone seemed to really like their gifts, Smug-Sister cried at the letter that I wrote for her and then was really excited about getting the Green Shirt (a post for another time). Smug-Hub really loved the book that I made for him. He said that it brought tears to his eyes!

The bridesmaids took me up to the Roanoke Star for champagne and strawberries and a little toast. They are really the best friends/family ever!!

I slept really well, with the help of an Advil PM! I feel really refreshed and ready to get moving on the day!

Wish me luck and I will post everything as soon as I can!

Single Smug signing off....

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pampered Princess! Finally!

I am sitting here checking e-mails and having an apple for breakfast and thinking about my upcoming day. I need to call the dress shop and make arrangements to pick up my wedding gown. I need to pick up some face cleanser from Clinique at Belk. I also want to go to the cheese shop downtown to pick up a few kinds for my surprise picnic with Smug-Hub tomorrow. I have an eyebrow wax at 11 and then.... I have 3, count them 3!! body treatments at Body Sense! I am getting an hour massage, an herbal body wrap, and a foot spa! It is going to be wonderful and relaxing and I am going to feel like a princess! I have to thank Sassy for setting it all up for me!!! Have I mentioned before that she is the best! I plan on coming home for dinner and more relaxing!

Tomorrow, I need to pick up my dress, take the gift bags to the hotels, get the rest of the picnic items and do some laundry. Then I will pick up Smug-Hub from the airport and take him up on the parkway for a nice picnic. I have a nice bottle of sparkling wine, called Bug Juice I am going to get some nice crusty bread, some fruit, a few types of cheese, and maybe some cool chocolates. Am I forgetting anything? I hope to create something nice and calm. I want us to have some really good quality time before all the hubbub begins!

Thursday should be pretty laid back, until about 2pm when Jen and Andrew arrive. We should be able to take them to lunch and have some time to visit before the Michalski's arrive about 8pm that evening. I am sure that it will be a late night visiting and catching up with the family. So I am going to take full advantage of the free time/calm time while I can!

I have been feeling a bit sick to my stomach on and off, so I think that the nerves are getting to me a bit. So I am going to have to take extra precautions - like engrossing TV, and maybe shopping therapy! Gee, I wish that I had money for shopping therapy! I do have three movies to watch, Premonition, Marie Antoinette, and Georgia Rule - all should be bad, but I must hold back the puke! I have also finished Heroes (so good!) and started on Bones. Funny and really good! David Boreanaz is really hot - I watched Buffy and Angel - I never really saw it before! Anyway, I should have enough TV related items to keep me busy for a while!

OK, I have to get showered and ready to go start my wonderful day of pampering!

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Is it wrong to be obsessed with a television show? I recently purchased the first season of Heroes on DVD and I can't stop watching! The set is 7 discs, I received in Saturday's mail, and did not start watching until Sunday evening. I am already done with disc 5! I am staying up WAY too late watching, skipping dinner because I don't want to pause it long enough to cook anything, and attempting to come home on my lunch break to watch a few minutes more! It is getting out of hand!

I did not watch the show live when it started and I am actually toying with NOT watching the new episodes when they begin in a few weeks on NBC. The reason being is that each of these episodes ends with a major Cliff-hanger and if I was unable to fast-forward the credits and get right into the next episode I might go postal! I figure since the premise of the show is about saving people and saving the world - going postal because of the show would seem a little ridiculous!!

I should be getting nervous or freaked out about the wedding in matter of days, but all I can think about is "Save the Cheerleader, Save the World".... I need mental help :)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Smelling Salts

Smelling salts are an ammonia capsule that you break under the nose of someone who has passed out or fainted. I would like to have some on hand at the wedding just in case! I looked all over Target and Wal-Mart this weekend in the first aid sections and was not able to find any. My mom told me that she got some a few years ago at Wal-Mart, but it was behind the pharmacy counter. Ok cool!

I needed to go to CVS anyway so I thought that I would just get them there. They are a pharmacy after all! I went straight back to the pharmacy counter and asked. The young girl behind the counter just looked at me with a blank expression; another, older lady asked me again what I was looking for, "Smelling salts, to wake up someone who has fainted" I said. She said "You know, I have not seen those in years, I don't think that we carry those anymore. You can ask up front, I know that Yardley used to make some, but I don't really know" I was totally lost by this response. What the hell was she talking about??

I went up front and asked the young girl there, I said "I need to get some smelling salts" She said "For your bath?" I explained what I was really wanted and she said she would check with the pharmacy. The older guy behind the counter asked what I was looking for, when I told him he knew exactly what I wanted, but did not know if they had any. The girl came back and said that I should try a hospital pharmacy!

Am I losing my mind? Do people not pass out anymore? How come people have no idea what I am talking about? I did, however, figure out that the lady behind that first pharmacy counter thought that I said "smelly salts" - Yardley is a brand that makes soap and body wash!!

Good God...

Friday, September 7, 2007

You Say Potato...

Well, my mom and I are doing a 10 day mini cleanse diet thing. It consists of potatoes. That's about it! Not really, my typical breakfast would be a couple red potatoes sliced into quarters with BBQ sauce and a peach. For lunch I have been having a couple red potatoes cut into chunks with salsa and a bag of fresh steamed green beans. Dinner has been the quartered potatoes with BBQ sauce (I really like BBQ sauce!) and some steamed broccoli and a green pepper sliced up. Combine this with about 80oz. of water and a nice hot cup of "Get Regular" tea before bed and you have the plan!

I have been doing this since Wednesday, so this is only the third day, but I have not felt hungry or had really bad cravings or anything, so it has been fine. I have been to the gym twice this week and walked for an hour with mom another day. When I weighed on Monday I was at 166.6, I am going to weigh again on Saturday just to see if anything has changed.

I feel pretty good. I have been feeling really sluggish and bloated lately as well as getting kind of depressed that I was not having the motivation to get healthy and possibly lose a few before the wedding. I am not feeling at all depressed this week, and I like looking for muscles! I have also redoubled my efforts at the tanning bed, to get back some of the tan that I lost while feeling lethargic.

On the wedding front, I have been marking off things on the list right and left! I have purchased all the items that I need for the gift bags for the guests at the hotels and collected menus and guides and such. All I need to do it put them all together - there is only going to be about 14 of them, so it should not be too bad. I have also paid the balances owed on the flowers, the singer, the organist, the limo, and the reception site!

I have a number of people that have yet to RSVP to the wedding and I really need to give the caterer a head count at the start of next week. I have e-mailed (with little response) and enlisted friends and family to contact others (again, with very little response). I don't understand this, I paid for the stamp! All you have to do is carry it to the dang mailbox people!! Oh well, I am going to do the best I can and maybe up the head count by about 5 and be done with it!

Sassy put her creative skills to work and helped me to create a really wonderful book of memories and pictures of Smug-Hub and I for me to give to him as his groom's gift. It turned out so much better than I could have done on my own! I thought that I would have someone give it to him the morning of the wedding, but now I am thinking that maybe I should give it to him the night before either at the rehearsal dinner or later before we part for the evening. What do you think??

I am going to pick up the wine today and put together the gift bags tonight. I have going to color my hair tonight and get a hair cut tomorrow. See? Knocking stuff out right and left!!! I still have to figure out tipping, get money together for Cory for the kegs, make a few last minute payments, get my eyebrows waxed. I think that is it! I have the week before the wedding off, so I should be able to get any last minute stuff done then. I want to get a massage or something else relaxing before everything kicks into high gear.

I really thought that I would be a mess of worry by now, but I am just excited! I have been working on the music with the DJ and talking about the kinds of pictures we want with the photographers - it is all so much fun! I just feel special!