Thursday, September 13, 2007


Is it wrong to be obsessed with a television show? I recently purchased the first season of Heroes on DVD and I can't stop watching! The set is 7 discs, I received in Saturday's mail, and did not start watching until Sunday evening. I am already done with disc 5! I am staying up WAY too late watching, skipping dinner because I don't want to pause it long enough to cook anything, and attempting to come home on my lunch break to watch a few minutes more! It is getting out of hand!

I did not watch the show live when it started and I am actually toying with NOT watching the new episodes when they begin in a few weeks on NBC. The reason being is that each of these episodes ends with a major Cliff-hanger and if I was unable to fast-forward the credits and get right into the next episode I might go postal! I figure since the premise of the show is about saving people and saving the world - going postal because of the show would seem a little ridiculous!!

I should be getting nervous or freaked out about the wedding in matter of days, but all I can think about is "Save the Cheerleader, Save the World".... I need mental help :)


  1. Damn, damn, damn. I watched all the shows last season, Smug, and hadn't had any intention of buying the DVDs...but reading your post might have changed my mind. That is one great show and I bet watching them on DVD would be much better than dealing with all those one week waits between shows.

  2. The best part.... no commercials!