Saturday, September 22, 2007

Wedding Day!

It is finally here! I was really feeling kind of sickly last night and I did not eat much at the rehearsal dinner, but this morning I feel so excited, I really want to jump up and down! And yet... it still does not feel really real! Oh well! Whatever!

Yesterday went really well, everything got done within the times I had allowed, with time to spare! The decorations for the reception look really beautiful and it really transformed the hall. I took all the girls to get their nails done in the morning and they all look great and everyone seemed to have a good time. The rehearsal was very well run and very organized. I have seen on Bridezilla's and other wedding shows, the rehearsal takes a long time because no one listens and stuff like that, but everyone at mine was well behaved and listened and everything!

Everyone seemed to really like their gifts, Smug-Sister cried at the letter that I wrote for her and then was really excited about getting the Green Shirt (a post for another time). Smug-Hub really loved the book that I made for him. He said that it brought tears to his eyes!

The bridesmaids took me up to the Roanoke Star for champagne and strawberries and a little toast. They are really the best friends/family ever!!

I slept really well, with the help of an Advil PM! I feel really refreshed and ready to get moving on the day!

Wish me luck and I will post everything as soon as I can!

Single Smug signing off....


  1. congrats, Mrs Smug ;) Hope your day goes smoothly and drama free, and that you enjoy EVERY MINUTE of it. Because it goes SO FAST!!!

  2. You are MARRIED! Yeah!!!!!!!! Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

  3. No longer single anymore, Smug. Congratulations to you and your husband!