Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pampered Princess! Finally!

I am sitting here checking e-mails and having an apple for breakfast and thinking about my upcoming day. I need to call the dress shop and make arrangements to pick up my wedding gown. I need to pick up some face cleanser from Clinique at Belk. I also want to go to the cheese shop downtown to pick up a few kinds for my surprise picnic with Smug-Hub tomorrow. I have an eyebrow wax at 11 and then.... I have 3, count them 3!! body treatments at Body Sense! I am getting an hour massage, an herbal body wrap, and a foot spa! It is going to be wonderful and relaxing and I am going to feel like a princess! I have to thank Sassy for setting it all up for me!!! Have I mentioned before that she is the best! I plan on coming home for dinner and more relaxing!

Tomorrow, I need to pick up my dress, take the gift bags to the hotels, get the rest of the picnic items and do some laundry. Then I will pick up Smug-Hub from the airport and take him up on the parkway for a nice picnic. I have a nice bottle of sparkling wine, called Bug Juice I am going to get some nice crusty bread, some fruit, a few types of cheese, and maybe some cool chocolates. Am I forgetting anything? I hope to create something nice and calm. I want us to have some really good quality time before all the hubbub begins!

Thursday should be pretty laid back, until about 2pm when Jen and Andrew arrive. We should be able to take them to lunch and have some time to visit before the Michalski's arrive about 8pm that evening. I am sure that it will be a late night visiting and catching up with the family. So I am going to take full advantage of the free time/calm time while I can!

I have been feeling a bit sick to my stomach on and off, so I think that the nerves are getting to me a bit. So I am going to have to take extra precautions - like engrossing TV, and maybe shopping therapy! Gee, I wish that I had money for shopping therapy! I do have three movies to watch, Premonition, Marie Antoinette, and Georgia Rule - all should be bad, but I must hold back the puke! I have also finished Heroes (so good!) and started on Bones. Funny and really good! David Boreanaz is really hot - I watched Buffy and Angel - I never really saw it before! Anyway, I should have enough TV related items to keep me busy for a while!

OK, I have to get showered and ready to go start my wonderful day of pampering!


  1. enjoy your down time! i will be sending you good pre-wedding vibes!

  2. Live it up as a Princess...this is your week! Thanks for dinner last night! If not for you, I would have not eaten dinner until 10pm!

    Loves & kisses!

  3. Today's the day, Smug. Congratulations!!!!!