Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I am overwhelmed with life at the moment and have failed to keep updating my blogs or visit Facebook or even keep up to date with my Twitter friends. It seems that trying to work full time, take childbirth classes, exercise and get the house ready for (a) the holiday's and (b) a new little person is taking up all my time. When I am free of my endless "to do" list, I am sleeping...poorly!

It seems that my added weight is causing aches and pains when I stay in one position too long, so I am waking up all night to change positions, which, by the way, takes a massive effort as my belly increases in size. My feet hurt all the time and the round ligament pain is causing a slight limp as I adjust from sitting to standing/walking. I find that I have to cut back on what I can accomplish in a week night or over a weekend each week as I find that my feet start to swell when I over do things. This means that I am lucky to get the "have to's" done each week, let alone anything special, like say getting together with friends or working on a special project.

All that being said, I am overjoyed and full of love and happiness! I am so excited about each stage of this pregnancy and while the little aches and pains sometimes get me down, I am truly trying to enjoy the experience. I am 33 years old and for the first time in my life I feel like I am really becoming Woman.. becoming the person I was always meant to be and I want to relish in the joy of this ultimate expression of womanhood.

I am amazed everyday by how lucky I am. How much I love having my life, my husbands love and this new baby. We made her from our love for each other. She is a living, breathing (well, not yet, but soon) manifestation of our love for each other. Together we have created life! What is more awesome than that?? What is more worthwhile than creating life where none was before??

I am so thankful for all the blessings in my life. I have this huge amazing, wonderful family who love me. I have a steady job that is willing to work with the schedule I want to work after the baby is born. I have a home that I love, and a dependable car. I have a few great friends who each bring something unique and special to my life. I am loved. I love. What more can anyone ask for?

There are hard times in all our lives, and those are valid issues, problems, even catastrophes, but all those little things (money woes, family upset, work trouble, home repairs, etc), seem to fade into nothing when I focus on everything that is good and special in my life.

I also think that when you look at the lives of others, it can help bring the great parts of your own life into perspective. When I look at my brother who is sleeping on friend's couches while trying to get back on his feet, I am grateful for my home. When I see a friend who struggles to find love while kissing frog after frog, I am grateful for my wonderful and amazing husband. When I see a friend struggling to make financial ends meet, I am grateful for my steady and dependable job. When I hear of someone who is unable to have a baby, I am grateful for this little life growing within me.

We all have life lessons to learn while here on this earth, but I currently feel like I have won the lottery, or have received some great honor. I have a wonderful life and I am so thankful for every moment I get to live it.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Yoga Can Save Lives

The other day I was stuck in a chair, at a computer for 8 full hours without being able to move around at all. I had gotten used to working the last few weeks in another department and being able to stand or move around or work on some other project as needed to keep my legs and back from protesting. Monday was brutal and I really thought that I was not going to make it to the end of my shift.

Well, I lived through it… barely! I was gearing up for the “I can’t work anymore” talk with my husband as I went off to the yoga class. I told the instructor about the low back pain and leg swelling and she tailored the class to help work on those areas and I was feeling a lot better by the end of the class!

We had one of our childbirth classes that evening and while I was still hurting I made it through and by the next day I was feeling tons better! It also helps that I only have to work the marathon chair days two days a week and then I move to another department for half the day three days a week. But the big deal is that I lived and I don’t think that I am going to have to quit or be taken out of work as soon as I was thinking after my day on Monday.

I have been employing some of the stretches throughout this week and I really think that it is helping a lot!!

Today is Thursday and I am feeling really odd, but I think that it has to do with the really late night last night. Since I have to get up at 4:45am, I generally go to bed about 9pm. Add to the time change that I had a childbirth class that is held an hours away from home last night, so I did not get to bed until after 11pm last night (body thinks its midnight remember), and I feel certain that this sickly feeling is simply being overly tired. Thank goodness that we only have one more of the far away classes and those late nights will be behind me!

I am finding that it takes more energy to do even simple tasks now, and I know that part of this is that the baby is growing and taking up more space, causing me less room for my lungs and adding weight and bulk. The other part is that I have not been able to workout as I normally would and that is causing the same issues it will cause for anyone. My goal is to do the yoga class once a week, talk a walk with mom or the hubs once a week and go swim at the gym once a week – so far, since I made this plan, like 3 weeks ago, I only manage to make it to the yoga class!

We must only be honest and let it be known that I seem to have developed a HUGE sweet tooth!! I have always enjoyed dessert, but not normally an entire cheesecake by myself!!! I can’t seem to cut back!