Friday, March 28, 2008

Still Alive!

I am finally starting to feel better on a more regular basis and I am loving it! It is so nice to wake up and not feel like jumping in front of a bus. I guess that I had been feeling so lousy for so long that I had forgotten what it was like to wake up happy to greet the day :)

I have been slammed with work both from school and the ole' pay check generating job - normally it has worked out that when I am slammed with school work, the job is moving really slowly and I am able to get some stuff done while in the office, and when work slams into high gear the school work tends to level out. This is not the case lately!

I am still having team initiative issues and having felt so bad recently I let myself and the team get behind and have been scrambling to get caught up. I also took on another class to get myself back on track with everyone else and while this class is going to be a ton of fun and the instructor seems really laid back, it is still a second classes worth of reading and work to get done.

I was handed a project on Wednesday afternoon here at the office that had a deadline of April 1!! I have been scrambling and sweating to get the necessary party's on board, gather all the information that is needed and generally running around crazy all week. Today at about 3pm the head dudes decided that the benefits were not worth what it was going to cost us to make it happen and laid down the kibosh - I am feeling a bit deflated about the whole thing, all that time (that I could have been working on homework or something) wasted.

My husband is going to be out of town this weekend and most of next week, and I have planned myself to the hilt while he is gone. This is done partly because if I am really busy, I won't miss him as much and partly because I really need to get all this stuff done! I have an eyebrow waxing appointment at 9am tomorrow (Saturday), then a few little things to do around the house before taking him to the airport at 2, I have a 2:30 hair cut, I need to get my glasses fixed, pick up a load of boxes from mom's attic, grocery shop, I am supposed to make dinner for my brother (we will see if he shows up) and then there is the notebook page full of homework assignments. Sunday I am going to hit the early mass, then have brunch with my long lost Sassy, then it will be house cleaning, laundry, and more homework!

I was hoping to fit in a massage because I have been in a lot of pain this week. I think that I must have slept on my arm funny or pulled something without knowing it. It started Monday morning and hurts in my neck on the left side, down into my back on the left side and down into my left arm. My fingers on the left hand sort of tingle like my arm is just starting to fall asleep. I went to the chiropractor and it is slightly better - as in, I am not on the heating pad all day at work and crying myself to sleep at night. The pain is bearable, but not gone and still sucks ass. I don't see where this weekend I am going to find the time to relax and get rubbed.

Monday after work I am going to take a walk with mom and catch up with her as I have not laid eyes on her since we moved. I will get another load of boxes from her place then too.

Tuesday is free, maybe I can get a massage Tuesday.

Wednesday and Thursday I have class!!

Oh Boy!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tossing Cookies

I have been so sick! I realized that I have never gotten completely over the "head cold" I had in February and now it has been back. When I had been feeling more badly and more badly each day for over a full week, I finally broke down and went to the doctor. I was told that I have a sinus infection and I needed to take antibiotics and medicine to clear the drainage.

I had to go to 3 different pharmacies until someone finally called the doctor's office back and had then prescribe something else, as everyone in the valley is out of the stuff originally prescribed. It was about 7pm when I finally got home and my husband told me to relax and he would make dinner. He told me that he was putting the pasta water on to boil right then, so I went ahead and took the antibiotic, the sinus syrup and my daily multi-vitamin at the same time. My darling husband then proceeded to take a full hour to get dinner ready and I only took one bite before I started feeling nauseous. I then dry heaved and tossed and turned feeling all kinds of crap the rest of the night. The sinus syrup made me sleepy, but the nausea kept me awake. Finally about 2am I vomited and started to feel better. I threw up again about 3am and then slept until the alarm went off for work at 5:30.

I thought that since I had thrown up and was feeling better, I would go on into work. But, when I got up to use the restroom, it became clear that all was not well! I was still feeling slightly queasy and VERY dizzy. I called into work and went back to sleep until about 8am. I spent the day resting and doing minor stuff around the house. I felt queasy all day, but managed to eat throughout the day and took another antibiotic without incident. I stayed away from the sinus medicine as I just don't think that my stomach can handle both, and it makes me so sleepy that I can't function.

I did manage to do 2 loads of laundry and run the dishwasher - very strenuous stuff! I just can't believe that I was that sick over it all!

I am mostly just mad at myself about this. I know that I have a really sensitive stomach, I know that my husband takes 7 times as long as normal people do to get something done. I should have waited to take all that stuff until after dinner. I was just so tired of feeling bad and I wanted to have some relief!

Today I actually feel almost normal! My throat does not hurt almost at all and my nose is much less stuffed up. I am still going to take it way easy tonight and perhaps take a small dose of the sinus syrup at bedtime. I have a ton of homework to do, so that is low on the bodily stress meter. I really want to be doing stuff around the new house, but I am going to have to listen to my body and get well!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Getting Back To Normal

Well, the move went really well! We have all the main living stuff unpacked and organized. The stuff that is left to unpack is everything that used to be in storage, like books, Christmas decorations, etc. We will get to that this weekend I am sure!

We are really loving the new house! We slept there Saturday night for the first time and when we got up Sunday morning, we spent a good while just wondering from room to room, just gazing at everything that we now own! It still sort of feels like staying in a hotel or something. There are things we can't find yet and we seem to be treading lightly so as not to wake the people in the rooms above, below and on either side.

I am sure that in a few days or weeks it will feel like home and we will feel totally normal!

Today was trash day. Our first trash day. The house is at the top of a really long private drive, and the garbage collection truck does not drive up it, so we have to take the trash can down to the main road. We had pondered different ways that our lazy butts could make this happen without actually doing the physical labor. Here is what we ended up doing: I drove the car really slowly while my husband sat in the trunk holding the can by the handles and letting it wheel itself down the drive. He complained that I drove too fast (about 6 MPH) and that he was sure that our neighbors were laughing at him from their windows. He says that next time we do this, we have to do it under the cover of night :)

I am starting to get caught up at work. Between the Baltimore trip, closing on the house, and moving, not to mention the special projects here at work, I have gotten very behind. I have almost completed everything and feel that I will have no trouble getting current by the end of the week.

I am, however, feeling a sore throat and head cold symptoms again! Smug-Hub was sick the entire time we were in Baltimore and throughout the move. I hope that I am not getting what he had, I was just sick with a cold a few weeks ago (insert major whining here).

We have a week break from school, so I hope to be able to get a whole lot done so that I will be in really good shape when we get back. I really like to be about a week or so ahead, and right now, I am barely getting the work done that needs to be turned in done the afternoon before class! I really like this teacher and I want to do well!

My boss is going to be out of the office the rest of the week, so I am thinking that if I don't feel any better tomorrow, I am going to take 1/2 day off and do some resting and school work. I also think that Smug-Hub is going to go fishing Saturday morning, so I can do more homework then.

I think that all this house/packing/moving upheaval is really hard! It pulls everything out of balance and makes it hard to concentrate enough to get things done. Once we get a little more settled, I think that the roller-coaster ride will even out and then I will be back to my old, multi-tasking/lots-of-balls-in-the-air lifestyle!!

Of course, next I want to have a baby.....

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Moving Day

It is currently 4am and again I can't sleep! I have not slept much all week, it's all too exciting!

Moving Day!

It is currently 4am and again I can't sleep! I have not slept much all week, it's all too exciting! We have been packing and painting all week after work to the point of exhaustion. I have realized that I am WAY out of shape! I am sore all over, my back, shoulders, butt, legs, even my hands hurt! On top of it, we have been eating late and eating crap every night. I have got to get back into the gym as soon as this move is over.

My family has really come through for me, cleaning and painting and helping to pack! Smug-Sister came out Thursday night and helped clean and paint while she was fighting a head cold. My dad and his wife went to the house late last night to vacuum the floors before the move this morning. My dad's back is still bothering him and yet he wants so desperately to be helpful and be useful. I am going to let him put up all the shades and curtains today, he can do that without hurting himself.

I hope that tonight I will be able to get back to a regular sleeping pattern and get some real rest soon. I feel a little sick to my stomach and very warn out. This house is such a wonderful thing that has happened in my life, and I really am enjoying the process, I am just tired. I am sure that I will feel better as soon as we get settled. I think that I am so OCD or whatever that having my home in disarray or unsettled that I can't rest. My brain will not shut off and rest while there is still so much to be done. I wake up with "to do" lists swirling in my head and I can't get back to sleep!

Of course, after I get a shower and get ready for work, just before it is time to leave for work, I get sleepy and if I give in and lay down (which I try not to do, cause there is packing to be done!) I will fall right asleep for about 3 minutes until Smug-Hub comes down the stairs and wakes me up!

In reality, once this move is done today, we are still not in the clear. All the unpacking will take time, and then things will need to be cleaned. Then I have to get my homework completed as I have class on Tuesday. There is a lot going on at work next week, it is just going to be a few weeks before we get settled in and things fall back to an even flow.

I am really happy, just really tired and while I can sort of understand why I can't sleep, it does not make the tired go away and I would think that my body would rebel against my head and force me to sleep! Oh well, there is always tonight!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Home Owner Who Is Still Not Stressing

Well, we did it! We closed on our first house yesterday! We went to the new house and wandered from room to room, just basking in the ownership glow, but then time moved on and I had to go to school! I had a hard time concentrating on the lecture, because my mind was full of thoughts about where items would live in my new kitchen and what kind of painting flow would get the most completed in the short amount of time we have.

I woke up over an hour before the alarm went off this morning and went to work on laundry and some more packing before getting ready for work. I did run home at lunch and move clothes from one machine to another and fold a load, but mostly I am going to spend these next few days concentrating on getting the new house clean and fresh! I want to open all the windows and get rid of the smell of empty!

I wish that I had more people helping tonight and tomorrow night to get things done! I only have 2 people helping tonight besides Smug-Hub and I. If we had more people, I think that we could really get a huge dent into the painting and then just have to do second coats tomorrow along with the cleaning that I want to do. My concern is that if we don't get at least one coat on everything tonight, then we will not have time to get a second coat on before the move on Saturday morning!

The biggest challange is going to be the Baby's room (Smug-Hub says that he does not want to call it a baby's room until there is a baby, but I am not backing down - it's the BABY'S ROOM). The previous owners painted it for their little boy, they painted it for Thomas the Tank Engine, so it is really bright to say the least.

We are going to paint it in a warm, creamy, soft yellow - which will be great for a boy baby or a girl baby. It is just going to take a few coats of primer and a few coats of paint to cover all that blue, yellow and red!!

I am also feeling slightly resentful of Smug-Hub right now. I know that this is mostly stemming because he has been really sick and grouchy and a pain to be around right now, but I feel like I have done all of the major work needed to get ready for this move. I have done ALL the packing, he has not packed one box yet, not one! I was the one who dealt with the realtor, the loan officer, the insurance agents, the lawyers, the utility companies, the home owners association, everyone to get the house purchased.

I have asked my friends and family to help with the painting and cleaning projects, he just sent out an e-mail to 3 guys this afternoon - no one is going to be able to help on such short notice!! I asked him to call my dad and anyone else he could think of, last night while I was in class, to see if he could find some work lamps or floor lamps to help light our painting tonight (the rooms don't have overhead lighting). This is the ONLY thing that I asked him to do, he forgot! I ended up calling around this morning.

I feel sure that if he were feeling better he would be totally helpful with all this stuff, but the closing and moving ended up coming at a time when he had been traveling quite a bit and is therefore behind on work, and add is sickness to the mix and he is one really grouchy MoFo! He has this habit of acting like if he does not do his work the sun will refuse to rise or something - this is our first house and it has been a lot of work so far and the last push is right here in front of us! I just don't think that I can do it alone, so sick workaholic boy is going to have to get over himself and suck it up!

I think that he will step up, but I just needed to vent.