Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Getting Back To Normal

Well, the move went really well! We have all the main living stuff unpacked and organized. The stuff that is left to unpack is everything that used to be in storage, like books, Christmas decorations, etc. We will get to that this weekend I am sure!

We are really loving the new house! We slept there Saturday night for the first time and when we got up Sunday morning, we spent a good while just wondering from room to room, just gazing at everything that we now own! It still sort of feels like staying in a hotel or something. There are things we can't find yet and we seem to be treading lightly so as not to wake the people in the rooms above, below and on either side.

I am sure that in a few days or weeks it will feel like home and we will feel totally normal!

Today was trash day. Our first trash day. The house is at the top of a really long private drive, and the garbage collection truck does not drive up it, so we have to take the trash can down to the main road. We had pondered different ways that our lazy butts could make this happen without actually doing the physical labor. Here is what we ended up doing: I drove the car really slowly while my husband sat in the trunk holding the can by the handles and letting it wheel itself down the drive. He complained that I drove too fast (about 6 MPH) and that he was sure that our neighbors were laughing at him from their windows. He says that next time we do this, we have to do it under the cover of night :)

I am starting to get caught up at work. Between the Baltimore trip, closing on the house, and moving, not to mention the special projects here at work, I have gotten very behind. I have almost completed everything and feel that I will have no trouble getting current by the end of the week.

I am, however, feeling a sore throat and head cold symptoms again! Smug-Hub was sick the entire time we were in Baltimore and throughout the move. I hope that I am not getting what he had, I was just sick with a cold a few weeks ago (insert major whining here).

We have a week break from school, so I hope to be able to get a whole lot done so that I will be in really good shape when we get back. I really like to be about a week or so ahead, and right now, I am barely getting the work done that needs to be turned in done the afternoon before class! I really like this teacher and I want to do well!

My boss is going to be out of the office the rest of the week, so I am thinking that if I don't feel any better tomorrow, I am going to take 1/2 day off and do some resting and school work. I also think that Smug-Hub is going to go fishing Saturday morning, so I can do more homework then.

I think that all this house/packing/moving upheaval is really hard! It pulls everything out of balance and makes it hard to concentrate enough to get things done. Once we get a little more settled, I think that the roller-coaster ride will even out and then I will be back to my old, multi-tasking/lots-of-balls-in-the-air lifestyle!!

Of course, next I want to have a baby.....

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