Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Home Owner Who Is Still Not Stressing

Well, we did it! We closed on our first house yesterday! We went to the new house and wandered from room to room, just basking in the ownership glow, but then time moved on and I had to go to school! I had a hard time concentrating on the lecture, because my mind was full of thoughts about where items would live in my new kitchen and what kind of painting flow would get the most completed in the short amount of time we have.

I woke up over an hour before the alarm went off this morning and went to work on laundry and some more packing before getting ready for work. I did run home at lunch and move clothes from one machine to another and fold a load, but mostly I am going to spend these next few days concentrating on getting the new house clean and fresh! I want to open all the windows and get rid of the smell of empty!

I wish that I had more people helping tonight and tomorrow night to get things done! I only have 2 people helping tonight besides Smug-Hub and I. If we had more people, I think that we could really get a huge dent into the painting and then just have to do second coats tomorrow along with the cleaning that I want to do. My concern is that if we don't get at least one coat on everything tonight, then we will not have time to get a second coat on before the move on Saturday morning!

The biggest challange is going to be the Baby's room (Smug-Hub says that he does not want to call it a baby's room until there is a baby, but I am not backing down - it's the BABY'S ROOM). The previous owners painted it for their little boy, they painted it for Thomas the Tank Engine, so it is really bright to say the least.

We are going to paint it in a warm, creamy, soft yellow - which will be great for a boy baby or a girl baby. It is just going to take a few coats of primer and a few coats of paint to cover all that blue, yellow and red!!

I am also feeling slightly resentful of Smug-Hub right now. I know that this is mostly stemming because he has been really sick and grouchy and a pain to be around right now, but I feel like I have done all of the major work needed to get ready for this move. I have done ALL the packing, he has not packed one box yet, not one! I was the one who dealt with the realtor, the loan officer, the insurance agents, the lawyers, the utility companies, the home owners association, everyone to get the house purchased.

I have asked my friends and family to help with the painting and cleaning projects, he just sent out an e-mail to 3 guys this afternoon - no one is going to be able to help on such short notice!! I asked him to call my dad and anyone else he could think of, last night while I was in class, to see if he could find some work lamps or floor lamps to help light our painting tonight (the rooms don't have overhead lighting). This is the ONLY thing that I asked him to do, he forgot! I ended up calling around this morning.

I feel sure that if he were feeling better he would be totally helpful with all this stuff, but the closing and moving ended up coming at a time when he had been traveling quite a bit and is therefore behind on work, and add is sickness to the mix and he is one really grouchy MoFo! He has this habit of acting like if he does not do his work the sun will refuse to rise or something - this is our first house and it has been a lot of work so far and the last push is right here in front of us! I just don't think that I can do it alone, so sick workaholic boy is going to have to get over himself and suck it up!

I think that he will step up, but I just needed to vent.

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  1. Again...congratulations! What a huge deal for you and Smug-Hub.

    Sorry you aren't getting the help you should. Hopefully he will feel better soon and things will change.

    Happy Painting!