Thursday, February 28, 2008

Not Stressing

There is this slightly odd thing happening to me this week. I am not stressed out! I should be, because I have a huge amount of homework to get done and my team, true to form, has not done anything that I asked of them yet. I am going to have to get some homework done while we are in DC anyway, but now I am going to have team stuff to do too.

I only have tonight to get the rest of the kitchen packed up (which is the last thing that can be packed up this early). Mom is coming over to help me, so that should be good, but Smug-Hub is buried under work right now, and is struggling to get everything done before we leave for DC, so he is no help at home.

Once we get back from DC on Monday afternoon, we have to get the final amount we need for closing from the lawyers, get a cashiers check for that amount, do the final walk-through on the new house and buy all the paint and supplies we need to get the new house ready. Tuesday we have to work until time to go to the closing, close on the house, back to work, then I have school until 10pm. Then we only have Wednesday and Thursday after work to paint and clean and finish packing. I decided to take 1/2 day off on Friday to finish everything up, but then the movers will be at the apartment to do the move at 8:30am on Saturday morning!!

All this sounds really stressful, doesn't it? But I am really not stressed out about it at all! I really don't think that we will have an issue getting everything done in time. I am really prepared most of the time and I already have a lot of the packing done. I figure that I will get done what I can get done tonight, go have a fun time in DC, come home and do what we can do! I will have most of the day Friday to finish everything up! Everything is going to be fine!

This is not really like my personality! I am normally very controlling and a bit high strung, so letting go and trusting that I can get it all done without obsessing about it is new! I think I like it!

Now, next week, the postings may be very different!! Who knows how long this new laid back Smug will last!! :)

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