Monday, February 25, 2008

Closing Early

Last night my husband and I were discussing the fact that we have been better at saving money than we thought we would be able to be. We were so proud of ourselves for setting goals and not only reaching them, but reaching them with weeks to spare. WEEKS TO SPARE??? What then are we waiting for?????

I called the mortgage company this morning and asked if there was any reason we could not close sooner rather than later. I know that the sellers are very anxious to get closed and we are very anxious to get moved out of the shit hole in which we currently dwell!

There did not seem to be an issue on her end so she called the realtor and the lawyers to see how soon they would be able to schedule the closing. New closing date??? March 4!!!!!!!!!!

We are going to be closing one week from tomorrow!!! We are going to be moving NEXT weekend!! I can hardly believe it!! I now have so much to do in a very short amount of time!! It is going to be fun though :)

We have very few things to do at the new house. We want to paint the master bedroom, the bathroom and the second bedroom (i.e. Baby's room). We want to patch some holes and do touch up painting in the rooms that currently have colors we like. We want to dust, vacuum and mop everything, and lastly, we want to clean the kitchen cabinets and clean the fridge. We are only going to have three evenings after work to get this done, so we have enlisted my family, some friends and some co-workers to pitch in and get it all done!

I am going home tonight to finish my homework and get some packing done! The rest of this week is going to be full of packing!!

On top of all this, Smug-Hub has business in Washington DC this weekend and I am going with him to do some museum hopping, so this weekend is going to be out for getting anything done! We leave Friday morning and get back Monday afternoon. We will do the final walk through Monday evening and then close Tuesday morning!!

I am so excited! I just think that this is going to be such a great new chapter of our lives!!


  1. Congratulations! That is so exciting. I cannot wait to see the house once you are all moved in. Have fun painting and moving!