Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Jumper....So Bad

Smug-Hub and I went to see Jumper this weekend and it was sooooo baaaaddddd! The trailers don't really give you an idea about the movie and sometimes that is a good thing, you are surprised and don't have your hopes too high, but in this movie's case..... it was just bad.

The movie is only about an hour and 20 minutes long, it does not really seem to have a plot or a point. You can tell that things are happening, but these things are not really explained, the audience is just supposed to know already or something.

The acting was really bad too. I normally like both Samuel L. Jackson and Diane Lane, they both had small roles and they were really terrible. I have seen Rachel Bilson as a guest star on Chuck and really liked her, but she sucked in this (in all fairness, perhaps it was just that the character was such a sniveling, annoying, waste, but still). I thought that Hayden Smug-Hubtenson did a fine job in the Star Wars movies, but he too seemed way fake and did not inhabit his character.

The really sad part is that this had the potential to be a really good story. They could have developed it into a superhero type of movie, a really good love story, a story about a boy and his long lost mother, overcoming issues to make the world a better place, acceptance of people different than yourself, etc. The movie tried to touch on each of these topics, but moved quickly past them without much thought. It almost seemed like someone edited out all the details, everything except the action sequences or something.

I do not make movies, but I can't imagine how this movie went from the writing stage, filming stage, editing stage, post-production, etc. all the way to getting released without someone in the know stepping in and telling the makers how badly it sucked! I just have to think that it had to have been in the editing. It was just so bad!

Anyway, if you were thinking about watching it, save your money! Believe me, your time would be better spent watching paint dry, more exciting with more point too!!

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  1. I have adored Diane Lane ever since she was a kid, Smug. It's unfortunate she's in such a bad movie. The commercials for Jumper made me curious, but not curious enough to go see it!