Saturday, March 8, 2008

Moving Day!

It is currently 4am and again I can't sleep! I have not slept much all week, it's all too exciting! We have been packing and painting all week after work to the point of exhaustion. I have realized that I am WAY out of shape! I am sore all over, my back, shoulders, butt, legs, even my hands hurt! On top of it, we have been eating late and eating crap every night. I have got to get back into the gym as soon as this move is over.

My family has really come through for me, cleaning and painting and helping to pack! Smug-Sister came out Thursday night and helped clean and paint while she was fighting a head cold. My dad and his wife went to the house late last night to vacuum the floors before the move this morning. My dad's back is still bothering him and yet he wants so desperately to be helpful and be useful. I am going to let him put up all the shades and curtains today, he can do that without hurting himself.

I hope that tonight I will be able to get back to a regular sleeping pattern and get some real rest soon. I feel a little sick to my stomach and very warn out. This house is such a wonderful thing that has happened in my life, and I really am enjoying the process, I am just tired. I am sure that I will feel better as soon as we get settled. I think that I am so OCD or whatever that having my home in disarray or unsettled that I can't rest. My brain will not shut off and rest while there is still so much to be done. I wake up with "to do" lists swirling in my head and I can't get back to sleep!

Of course, after I get a shower and get ready for work, just before it is time to leave for work, I get sleepy and if I give in and lay down (which I try not to do, cause there is packing to be done!) I will fall right asleep for about 3 minutes until Smug-Hub comes down the stairs and wakes me up!

In reality, once this move is done today, we are still not in the clear. All the unpacking will take time, and then things will need to be cleaned. Then I have to get my homework completed as I have class on Tuesday. There is a lot going on at work next week, it is just going to be a few weeks before we get settled in and things fall back to an even flow.

I am really happy, just really tired and while I can sort of understand why I can't sleep, it does not make the tired go away and I would think that my body would rebel against my head and force me to sleep! Oh well, there is always tonight!!

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