Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Saddie, Saddie Married Lady!

Hello world! I am officially married to the love of my life and we have been having the nicest time just being together and trying to let it all sink in!

The wedding went by really fast! Smug-Hub and I are both still remembering things, and we are so happy that someone videotaped some of it for us - there is so much that you miss when you are not a spectator at these things! I never realized until after the wedding that I would not get to see Will (my nephew) walk down the aisle! Being that I am the last one down the aisle - I miss everything else!

I can't wait for the pictures to start trickling in! Smug-Sister has a bunch of great ones on her camera and all Smug-Hub's brothers have pictures on their cameras. Sassy has been teasing me with her pictures. Marie and Justin (the professional photographers) will have their pictures online in a few weeks - I may not be able to stand it!!!

We are heading back to work tomorrow, so I will be downloading pictures and giving updates/telling stores for a long time to come! I do love being married! I just love introducing myself and my husband!

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  1. Yeah, I am a bit of a tease! *grins* to you, old married lady!