Monday, October 1, 2007

Starry Eyed!

Well, I have been a married woman for just over a week now! I love being married - they is something different about being married than just dating or living together. I am having a hard time putting it into words. The day to day activities are still the same, the witty banter between us is the same, the love is the same, sex is the same, etc.. Something has changed though - a feeling or an attitude - something. I asked Smug-Hub about it and he said the same thing. I don't know if it is that we feel more like adults, or more responsible or what, but it is different!

The wedding was everything that I could have dreamed of!! Everything was perfect! I fully expected for things to go wrong, but I would not have changed anything! One of the bridesmaids felt a bit faint just before we headed down the aisle, but after removing her tight fitting bra was fine. I did realize just as the church doors were opening to allow Dad and I to walk down the aisle that I had forgotten to put in the contacts that I had gotten specially for the wedding, but as it turned out - Smug-Hub fell slightly apart upon seeing me for the first time, and if I had seen that I would have been crying through the whole thing - so it totally worked out for the best!

The pictures after the ceremony were fun, but slightly stressful, as we only had 45 minutes in the church to get everything that we needed. It was all running along smoothly until my mom requested a picture with everyone in her side of the family - no biggie as this was only 8 people including Smug-Hub and myself. But then... not to be left out, Smug-StepMom (read, evil stepmother) wanted to have a picture of that entire side of the family (including VERY distant aunts and uncles) people had to be found and arranged and about 6 different times the photographer was about to take the shot when another family member would wander by and Smug-StepMom would yell to include them too - this totalled about 15 people!! The photograher was less than thrilled about this - but what are you gonna do?? As it was, we still made it out of the church will about 17 seconds to spare!!

Here are couple of cool shots - sorry they are a bit blurry!

More to come later on the reception!!


  1. Those are the great pics I was talking about on my blog!

  2. Congratulations again to you both, Smug. I look forward to seeing more pictures. Were there any pics of the bra loosening?

  3. Not so far, but pictures are trickling in all the time - you may be in luck!