Thursday, October 4, 2007

I am so excited to have fall TV back! I have picked up a few new shows and so far I like them all, but I am so happy to see so many old fave's back. All the CSI's, Boston Legal, House, etc. I also picked up Bones and Heroes both of which are returning shows, but shows that I have not watched before. I am so enjoying all of them!

I have really needed something to help me decompress, I jumped from starting school, starting a new job, wedding planning, more school, more wedding planning, the wedding itself, etc!! It may sound lazy to be parked in front of the TV every evening, but it is really great not to HAVE to DO anything for a while.

I only have a few weeks until the school thing starts up again and I am desperate to take all the leisure time that I can muster while I have the opportunity. I want to read for fun, watch TV, cook and bake and spend time with my family and other fun stuff.

I plan on chopping veggies for a nice big salad for dinner, but then I want to make something like apple crisp or something else decadent. I want to make food that is good and takes time and effort to prepare, but not too much time - you know that balance of fun without it turning into work!

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