Thursday, October 25, 2007

To Posh or Not To Posh...

What do you guys think??
I am planning on getting my hair cut like Posh's on Saturday. I say planning to, because, while I have the appointment scheduled, work may interfere and I may be forced to reschedule. I have had (like most women) a lot of different hair styles over the years, and have never been nervous about trying new styles or colors. That said, I have had long, straight, blond hair for about 7 years now.

I think that I am ready for a change!

I am also really looking forward to donating my hair to help make wigs for children with cancer. I don't have a lot of money to donate to charities and I have low iron so I can't even donate my blood! But I do have a lot of freakin hair people!! I can help ease someones pain and suffering a little. I can do good and help my fellow man!

Knowing that the new style is a bit drastic, I have enlisted the opinions of my friends and family. Everyone is cautious, telling me to think about it or start with something less dramatic. My sweet husband, bless him, told me that while he will love me forever, even if I am bald, he is warning me that he will never cease to make fun of me if it does not turn out well! Sassy and Smug-Sister were both positive, but both expressed their disbelief that it would actually happen!

It is hair people - it does grow back! What is the worst that could happen? I hate it. I have to wait for it to grow out. Big deal! People are losing everything the own in CA right now, there is serious water shortages in GA, and no one knows for sure if J. Lo is pregnant or not!! These are the issues worth worrying about - not hair!


  1. Her hair looks great, Smug, and that look would be great on you. Just don't follow Posh's lead on that cosmetic surgery. She looks scary!