Sunday, October 21, 2007

Best Laid Plans...

Well, I have spent most of the weekend on the couch with a nasty sore throat and sinus headache. My sweet husband has been doing the male bonding thing all weekend, so I have been pretty much on my own. Which has been fine, because I have not felt like doing anything, or talking to anyone, or, I hate to say, cleaning the spare room.

I have been taking Airborne and Immuno-Shield, I have done the Netty pot a few times and took some Benadryl - nothing has giving me much relief, but the vodka that I drank last night was a wonderful sleep aid!! I have been sleeping on and off all day.

I am sort of half watching the Redskins v. Cardinals game since that is where Smug-Hub and my family are today. I am thinking that I would like to eat something but nothing sounds appetizing right now. I am glad that I have this weekend to rest because I am going to be working a lot of long days this up coming week.

I am working on the laundry, as I am out of bras and underwear and putting items from one machine to another is not what one would call stressful! I really wanted to get some gifts returned and the spare room cleaned, but I think that it is in my best interest to rest while I can.

You know what is ironic? I am sick with allergies or a head cold or whatever, but I am scheduled to get a flu shot tomorrow, which may make me feel a bit sickly for a day or two afterward! No matter what, I am going to feel crappy most, if not all, of the week! Great!! :)

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