Monday, October 15, 2007


So it is Blog Action day today! This is actually a topic that is close to my heart, although you would not know from the amount of recycling that I am not doing! I did my senior thesis on the impact of Business on the environment and all the ways that businesses are helping to make things better. There is a lot being done out there, but there is still so much to be done!

I lobbied hard for recycling bins to be put in at work, so that employees have a place (where they already come each day) to drop off their recycling. My company recycles cardboard and paper. We have a drink can recycling bin too. We have also adopted a section of the main river in the city and have had major clean up days already 3 times this year. My company is really trying to do what they can to help!

I personally am not! My husband and I current live in the smallest, crappiest apartment ever. There is literally no place to keep multiple containers for recycling. I have been looking for a stacking or small set of recycling bins, but have not found anything workable yet. I have thought about just using old plastic grocery bags, but my minor OCD will not stand for that kind of clutter. For now we are just throwing everything into the one main trash can. I feel so bad about it that I can hardly stand myself!!

We are looking for a house to purchase and once we have more space, recycling will be much more doable. If I can live with the guilt until then - I am personally responsible for large amounts of landfill waste; something that my children and grandchildren will have to live with - I can't stand it!! I have to find a way to recycle!! There has to be some kind of bin system that can fit into the kitchen somewhere!

I wonder if those Rubbermaid set of drawers would work? They must make something for small apartments? Anyone have any ideas? My brain is too full of guilt to find a workable solution. I truly have about a 1 foot square section of open floor space in the kitchen. I have less than no cabinet space, what should I do??


  1. Wish I could help you, but I am the world's worst at this!

  2. Last month I busted our cleaning people at work throwing our recycling garbage into the regular garbage can...

    ...I tattled on them!