Sunday, October 14, 2007

Loot and House Hunting

Smug-Hub and I spent the day yesterday totally together! I was so nice to really spend time together, just enjoying each others company and doing fun stuff.

We got up late and had breakfast at the house. Then I had to make a deposit at the bank, so it was about noon before we got to Bed, Bath and Beyond. We had a ton of gift certificates and a 10% off coupon. We decided to get some of the stuff from our registry that we did not get at the wedding. We got so much stuff!! A memory foam pillow for Smug-Hub, the Sonic blade (an electronic knife that Smug-Hub was dying for), we got a really nice set of 400 count sheets for the bed, a salad spinner, the Britta filter for the water tap, several under the cabinet organizers, and of course some coffee for our coffee maker! We spent $3.74 out of pocket!! The trunk of the car was STUFFED!!

We ran into my Dad and Smug-StepMom at Sams, we had ICEE's and talked with them for a while and then did some shopping. I found this cool book of baked Christmas gift ideas, which is going to be so fun to spend several hours in the Kitchen making gifts for people at work and stuff!

After that we had to drop off Smug-Hub's bow to be re-strung (don't ask me what that means, cause I don't know - something hunting related). Then we decided to take a drive around this one neighborhood and see what houses there were costing. We spent the next 3 hours looking all over Roanoke for houses. We actually found a few in decent places that are just outside our price range. We are not really ready to buy right now and have about 6 months left on our lease, so I am hoping that the recent trends continue and the interest rates drop and house prices drop.

We actually found the neighborhood that we want to buy our second home in! It is really nice and has great views and the house are all about $350,000!!! We are looking for something in the $100,00-$130,000 range. But if the housing market stays bad, the houses that are in the $160,000 range will perhaps be willing to take more what we can afford and if the interest rates drop more we can afford a higher priced house!

I am sure that it will all work out the way it needs to!!

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