Friday, September 7, 2007

You Say Potato...

Well, my mom and I are doing a 10 day mini cleanse diet thing. It consists of potatoes. That's about it! Not really, my typical breakfast would be a couple red potatoes sliced into quarters with BBQ sauce and a peach. For lunch I have been having a couple red potatoes cut into chunks with salsa and a bag of fresh steamed green beans. Dinner has been the quartered potatoes with BBQ sauce (I really like BBQ sauce!) and some steamed broccoli and a green pepper sliced up. Combine this with about 80oz. of water and a nice hot cup of "Get Regular" tea before bed and you have the plan!

I have been doing this since Wednesday, so this is only the third day, but I have not felt hungry or had really bad cravings or anything, so it has been fine. I have been to the gym twice this week and walked for an hour with mom another day. When I weighed on Monday I was at 166.6, I am going to weigh again on Saturday just to see if anything has changed.

I feel pretty good. I have been feeling really sluggish and bloated lately as well as getting kind of depressed that I was not having the motivation to get healthy and possibly lose a few before the wedding. I am not feeling at all depressed this week, and I like looking for muscles! I have also redoubled my efforts at the tanning bed, to get back some of the tan that I lost while feeling lethargic.

On the wedding front, I have been marking off things on the list right and left! I have purchased all the items that I need for the gift bags for the guests at the hotels and collected menus and guides and such. All I need to do it put them all together - there is only going to be about 14 of them, so it should not be too bad. I have also paid the balances owed on the flowers, the singer, the organist, the limo, and the reception site!

I have a number of people that have yet to RSVP to the wedding and I really need to give the caterer a head count at the start of next week. I have e-mailed (with little response) and enlisted friends and family to contact others (again, with very little response). I don't understand this, I paid for the stamp! All you have to do is carry it to the dang mailbox people!! Oh well, I am going to do the best I can and maybe up the head count by about 5 and be done with it!

Sassy put her creative skills to work and helped me to create a really wonderful book of memories and pictures of Smug-Hub and I for me to give to him as his groom's gift. It turned out so much better than I could have done on my own! I thought that I would have someone give it to him the morning of the wedding, but now I am thinking that maybe I should give it to him the night before either at the rehearsal dinner or later before we part for the evening. What do you think??

I am going to pick up the wine today and put together the gift bags tonight. I have going to color my hair tonight and get a hair cut tomorrow. See? Knocking stuff out right and left!!! I still have to figure out tipping, get money together for Cory for the kegs, make a few last minute payments, get my eyebrows waxed. I think that is it! I have the week before the wedding off, so I should be able to get any last minute stuff done then. I want to get a massage or something else relaxing before everything kicks into high gear.

I really thought that I would be a mess of worry by now, but I am just excited! I have been working on the music with the DJ and talking about the kinds of pictures we want with the photographers - it is all so much fun! I just feel special!


  1. You're almost there, Smug. Mrs Smug. My, my.

    You asked about my panini grill--I love it. However they take up a lot of room in use--but not so bad to store--so your kitchen might not be a good place for one. They're also a bit annoying to wash.

    Not a bad idea for a wedding gift tho if anyone on your list hasn't gotten you something yet. Once you live somewhere with more room, they're fun to use.

  2. Yeah, I think you're right, my kitchen is on the tiny side. I am looking very forward to moving again in about 9 months! I really dislike this place! I can't wait to have a nice big kitchen again!