Monday, September 10, 2007

Smelling Salts

Smelling salts are an ammonia capsule that you break under the nose of someone who has passed out or fainted. I would like to have some on hand at the wedding just in case! I looked all over Target and Wal-Mart this weekend in the first aid sections and was not able to find any. My mom told me that she got some a few years ago at Wal-Mart, but it was behind the pharmacy counter. Ok cool!

I needed to go to CVS anyway so I thought that I would just get them there. They are a pharmacy after all! I went straight back to the pharmacy counter and asked. The young girl behind the counter just looked at me with a blank expression; another, older lady asked me again what I was looking for, "Smelling salts, to wake up someone who has fainted" I said. She said "You know, I have not seen those in years, I don't think that we carry those anymore. You can ask up front, I know that Yardley used to make some, but I don't really know" I was totally lost by this response. What the hell was she talking about??

I went up front and asked the young girl there, I said "I need to get some smelling salts" She said "For your bath?" I explained what I was really wanted and she said she would check with the pharmacy. The older guy behind the counter asked what I was looking for, when I told him he knew exactly what I wanted, but did not know if they had any. The girl came back and said that I should try a hospital pharmacy!

Am I losing my mind? Do people not pass out anymore? How come people have no idea what I am talking about? I did, however, figure out that the lady behind that first pharmacy counter thought that I said "smelly salts" - Yardley is a brand that makes soap and body wash!!

Good God...

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  1. It's just an ammonium compound, Smug. Usually ammonium carbonate. It's 10 bucks for 100 grams from the Sigma Scientific catalog.

    The link that Regan has up there is for a product that would be more convienient to use and only $4.50 for 10 vials. Not a bad price and it'd keep you and Sassy alert.