Thursday, July 26, 2007

It's My Party and I'll Freak Out If I Want To

I have been planning my company's 20th Anniversary Celebration (20 years in Roanoke) for the last 3 weeks or so. I have been kind of the lead person who is working to make sure that everything comes together. My boss says that this whole process is a trial run for the wedding. That may be sort of true, except that there are about 42 brides to consult on every issue!! I have not slept well the last 3 nights worrying about items that I may have forgotten.

Yesterday we realized that we had no way to keep the tablecloths in place if the wind was blowing at all (the party is under a tent outside). I called Capt. Party and was told that they had a "bunch" of tablecloth clips. When I showed up to pick them up, they had 4 packages!! I need about 65 packages!!!! They told me that Wal-Mart carried them, I was sent to the party supplies, picnic supplies, fabric and crafts, lawn and garden, and the kitchen gadget aisle by Wal-Mart associates who have no idea what is (or is not) carried in their store. When I finally found the store manager, she also had no idea, how can you manage the whole store and not know what you carry???

I ended up getting some at Fun Times in Salem and the rest at 2 different Dollar stores - 5 places and half a tank of gas to keep tablecloths from the possibility of blowing away!

Don't even get me started on the damn rain! We have not had rain for about 3 months and not that we are having an outdoor party, it has been raining for the last 3 days!!!!!!! I have faith that it is finished and everything is going to be fine for today's event - What else can I do?


  1. Darlin,
    Sounds like a jumbo migraine-fest to me! Hey, wanna plan my belated housewarming party????

  2. Not on your freaking life - I am not even sure I want to continue planning the wedding!! I think that I am going to have a very large drink when I am finally able to leave work tonight!!!