Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Confessions of a Dairy-aholic

I love cheese! I mean, I really LOVE cheese. I would eat cheese on everything. I love all types of cheese from those processed slices that make the best grilled cheese, to the high end cheeses from all around the world.

The problem is that I have stomach issues when I eat too much cheese. Add to that sour cream, cream cheese, milk and everything else that contains trace (and not so trace) amounts of dairy, and you get a chick who is sick to her stomach almost all the time.

So, I decided to become a vegan. I have been trying on and off to stay dairy-free since January, but really only the last 4 weeks have I been completely dairy free. Until this past Sunday...

I took myself to see two movies at the theatre (I know, I was gluttonous), but I got hungry between them and broke down and got nachos. I wasn't really all that hungry and I didn't even want them that much, but I got them anyway.

They weren't very good and I was sorry that I had wasted my splurge on them, but the real problem is that now I can't seem to stop again. I have eaten Watergate salad, potato salad, apple pie, and ice cream all since Sunday. I don't really want any of these items, and it is not like I am going "oh, how I have missed you, you taste SOOO good" or anything. We have just had people over and these items were sitting there and I ate them.

Now for the fallout. I have felt sick to my stomach the last several mornings, have had gas and direrea and the like since Sunday night. I don't want to eat anymore dairy, but it is sitting in my fridge and I don't have the money that will allow me to let that food go bad. Now, my husband will eat some of it too, but I am not going to waste food.

I am going to eat the food that we have and recommit myself back to my non-dairy ways. It is almost like I feel that since I "messed up" on Sunday the whole week is ruined so I might as well pig out, get it all out of my system and start fresh next week. The problem with this is the whole addiction thing - what if I can't stop?


  1. oh man props to you because i can't live w/o dairy or meat or anything delish like that! sorry you were in pain!

  2. i'm commenting AGAIN to tell you congrats :) YAY!

  3. that is one of my biggest fears -- a life without ice cream or cheese.

    this read like a horror movie to me!