Sunday, October 12, 2008

Birthday Weekend!

Friday was my birthday. Smug-Hub brought me roses to work and took me out for a nice dinner. I figure that I am officially old, since after dinner all I wanted to do was come home, take a hot bath, and go to bed!!

My best friend, Jen, gave me a really stunning bracelet that she got for me at the Vatican when she was in Italy this summer. I really love it!

Sassy took me to breakfast yesterday and we talked about men, relationships, sex and books - you know, all the important things!!

Mom took me to lunch on Friday and we ate Indian food and she gave me a Barnes and Noble gift certificate, which was wonderful timing since I needed to get something to read or listen to while on that 14 hour flight to China!

We had lunch today with Dad and Smug-StepMom and they gave me a Bed, Bath & Beyond gift certificate, so I now have a new blender and a tortilla warmer! I also sprung for some noise reducing headphones for while on the plane. It was a good day!

I have been doing birthday things all weekend and it is not over yet! We are getting together as a family on Wednesday after work to celebrate mine, Smug-Hub's and Cory's birthday's. I love having people tell me that they are glad that I was born! I think that I am a pretty decent person, but it is always nice to be told that you are loved!

I have a ton of stuff to get done before I leave on Friday for China, and I am starting to get excited about going. I am really going to miss Smug-Hub, this will be the longest we have ever been apart since we starting dating, but it is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I AM going!

I have to get through study group and class. I have to get packed. I have to work. I have something to do after work each day this week, but I will get everything done! I found the charger for the camera, it is all down hill from here!!

One night this week, I am meeting up with Elaine. I am really excited to see her! We have been talking via e-mail and I don't really feel like there are hard feeling or weirdness anymore. I hope that seeing her will not be strange, I really want to have her back as my friend. Now, if only she and my brother would get back together and he would stop being a shit to me - that would be great!!


  1. Saturday breakfast was sooo much fun! We need to do that more often. Going to miss ya while you are gone!

  2. Wow, Have fun in China!!! Glad things are looking up.

  3. yay happy belated birthday and i can't wait to hear about china when you get back!