Monday, October 6, 2008


Mark: So, Will how do you like kindergarden?

Will: It's good.

Mark: Are there any good looking chicks in your class?

Will: There are no animals in my classroom

As Grandpa was fumbing with his cell phone, attempting to take Will's picture.

Will (getting tried of holding his pose): Grandpa, you need to put your mind back in your head!

Grandma Smug-StepMom was in the car behind Will and Grandpa. Then she made a turn and came out in front of them.

Will: Grandpa, she got in front, we need to take a short cut and get back in front of her!!

Grandpa: She knows all the shortcuts, buddy.

Will (shaking his head): She is a sneaky, little woman!

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  1. Kids are sometimes too smart for their own good! :)