Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Switching Teams... No, Not That Way!

You know how I have been complaining about my masters program team? Well, in case you don't, I am in a team of 5 people and while I very much like each one of them, for the majority of the courses only myself and one other guy have been doing the majority of the work.

When we came back to school after the week that we had off for Christmas, I was still feeling totally burned out and apathetic, so I told everyone that I wasn't going to be much help during this course, that they were going to have to carry me for once. All but one of the team members really stepped up and picked up the slack and done most of the work and I have coasted a bit. It has not helped my motivation or my apathy.

A few weeks ago, I was notified that another student will be dropping in to finish the last 3 courses with us (she was in the program in a cluster last year, but dropped out to have a baby, so she just needs to finish). I need to find a team for her and when I was talking about it with a guy from another team he brought up the idea of putting her in my team and me joining his team. I thought about it and decided that changing might just be the thing to jump start my motivation!

I talked about it with my team and he talked about it with his team and everyone is OK with it! I am really excited about it! I think that since I have always been there to run things and pick up the slack for my team, they just ran with it. Now, they will have the opportunity to finish the program without some control freak taking over and I will have the opportunity to finish the program with a supportive group that meets once a week and I really think that I need that to keep motivated.

On a related note, we are almost finished (another 3 weeks) with economics and then we have 10 weeks of finance. The textbook is supposed to be really good, and one of my new teammates is an accountant so I really think that I will be fine getting through the class. Then I will be exempt from International Business for 7 weeks (since I went to China), so I will have that time off and I plan on relaxing and living like a normal person for a while! Then I should be refreshed and ready for the last 7 week class and then... I WILL BE FINISHED!!!

Yes, people there is a light at the end of the tunnel! The end is in sight! I will make it!!

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