Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Pain of Economics... among other things

I have 5 mores class periods until the worst class of my whole life will finally be over! My team hired a tutor with two masters in math and economics and she was having issues tonight! We worked for 3 hours and we still did not finish the midterm. I think that maybe the official instructor is playing a sick joke on all of us!

I am just going to try to stay positive and strain to see the light at the end of the tunnel! In another 5 weeks this class will be over and then I will have 10 weeks of finance. Finance is with another instructor that I have had before and while he is awful, he is a known quantity and thus something I can deal with. Once that class is over, I will have a 7 week break while everyone else is taking International Business (which I am able to skip since I took the trip to China option). After a nice 7 weeks of relaxing, I will have the final 7 week class with the only wonderful instructor we have had throughout this while program. So I will come into that class refreshed, it is with a good instructor, and it is short! I should be able to end this program strong!

On an unrelated note, I finally started, so I am not pregnant this month :(

I really am OK with it. Next month is another month and another chance to try again. I know that it will happen, so I am not going to stress... much!

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