Monday, August 24, 2009

8 days

I am down to counting the days until school is complete. Next Tuesday, one week from tomorrow is the final class period, the final night, the big celebration!

I have decided to take September 2nd off (next Wednesday the day after the final class) from work. I was discussing with my husband what I should do with my free day and he firmly suggested that I make no plans. I take this to mean that he has made plans for me, which I am sure is going to be totally sweet. He probably got me a massage gift certificate which he knows is my favorite thing, so perhaps he did something totally different to throw me off the trail. I only know that I am excited beyond words!!

I only wish that by finishing this last class, my income would suddenly increase! There are no jobs in the city I currently live in and we have no plans to move elsewhere and besides, no one is going to hire a pregnant woman who wants to only work part time after the baby comes. I think that I am going to have to stick it out at my crappy job that I totally hate until the economy turns around and I can find something that both suits my skill set and my desire to raise my own child.

I have faith that everything will work out as it should and if I ended up needing to use some kind of day care, it will all be fine. I just feel like I have waited for this baby for so long (I am almost 33 after all), that I don't want to hand him/her over to anyone else for any reason. At least not until she/he is like 40!! I want to experience every first, every second, everything!

I know that it will be fine! I just have to put my faith out there and let the perfect situation come to me!


  1. Not to be cynical here, but after those first few weeks of hourly feedings that job might start to look like a refuge. ;-)

    Seriously, I doubt you'll feel that way but I sure would.

  2. I bet so - your boobs are really designed for feedings :)