Friday, August 21, 2009

Quick Update

I am still cover up with school work, but I am down to the last two weeks and things are starting to come together - I am so close I can taste it!!

My brother was "promoted" to the highest level of trustee which means that he lives in a larger pod with only 2 other guys and they have all the TV channels. He works 8-4 Monday through Friday now with weekends off. He is working maintenance, so he is allowed to go outside just a bit (like to take out the trash, but still it is the first taste of fresh air he has had in 2 months). He looked happier than I have seen him before, so I am happy too.

I found a picture online of what my baby is looking like about now:

I can't believe it!! I can't wait to hear the heartbeat next week!!
I feel like I am right on the cusp of everything coming together. Two more weeks of school, 2-3 more weeks of this horrible, humid, nasty weather before things start to cool down a bit. 4-5 more weeks until I find out that I am having a girl! I am almost through the worst of everything (school and feeling sick) and I can't wait to move on and get to the fun stuff!!

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