Wednesday, April 28, 2010

First Part of the Week - First Week Back to Work

Monday went about as perfect as it could have gone. I worked 4 hours, getting started on my quarterly project and catching up on e-mails. Smug-Hub said that Smug-Baby was mostly fine, however, she would not take the bottle or the pacifier, but he was able to shower and get to work to meet me on time. I spent a lovely day with her, nursing mostly and we both took a nice nap. I was also able to fold a load of laundry, do a load of diapers, clean the kitchen, and make dinner.

I also went to visit my mom and sister who had just gotten back into town from our cousin’s wedding in Florida and picked up a few things at the grocery store. I also packed Smug-Hub’s lunch and my breakfast for Tuesday! I felt very productive and like super-woman! I can have it all!!

Tuesday was no so good for Smug-Baby and Smug-Hub; she cried a lot and still would not take the bottle or pacifier. He called me a couple of times for ideas and now wants to try the Sleepy Time wrap and Ring Sling as she really likes them. The thing is, he wants to sit and hold her watch TV or drink coffee, but she wants to be up and moving. She has little baby ADHD and loses interest in everything quickly. While I can put her in the wrap and do housework, laundry, wash dishes, go for a walk, whatever – he has more issues. Also, I can hook her up to a boob and watch TV, again, not an option for him J

Tuesday after work, I took her right home and she nursed and slept and nursed more and slept more and I just took it easy. Napping and watching TV while holding her. I was less productive, but there wasn’t much that needed to be done, so it was fine. When Smug-Hub got home we ate dinner and then he practiced with the wrap while I cleaned up the kitchen. Then I jumped in the shower with her as she had done a lot of spitting up and was starting to smell a bit sour! Then I got her to fall asleep right on schedule at 9:30, but when I went to the bedroom and tried to lay her down next to me, rather than on top of me (the normal routine), she woke up. She was wide awake and wanted to play.

She stayed up until almost midnight, but while she was playing it was so cool. She was cooing and talking and grinning and looking at us and it was so sweet!

It was less cute this morning at 4:30 when the alarm went off and I ended up oversleeping a bit. I got up at 4:51, which left me 9 minutes to get ready for work (thank God I packed the food and pump and stuff the night before)! I did it and was still able to let her nurse the full 25 minutes. I changed her diaper and nursed her until she fell back asleep. I have not talked to Smug-Hub this morning, so I don’t know how long she was able (or him) to sleep, but I hope they had a better morning.

Today after work, I need to get with my mom and show her how to use the wrap, sling and car seat, since she is going to be my extra help on Friday’s. See, I may have to work later than 10am on Friday’s to process checks and Mom is going to help out. Other than that I need to wash diapers, and spend the day holding, squeezing and loving my sweet baby girl!

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