Friday, April 30, 2010

First Week – Second Half

Well, both Wednesday and Thursday were great! Smug-Hub and Smug-Baby are getting more and more comfortable with each other. I have even noticed a difference in how they interact in the evenings when he gets home from work. He is more confident in his ability to make her happy and do stuff with her. In the past, if he needed to do something he would pass her on to me while he did it. Last night, he put her in the baby carrier and went out and watered the plants in the front yard while I cleaned up the kitchen.

She is such a joy! She sleeps well and eats well and grins all the time. We are so lucky to have been blessed with her, she is wonderful!

Mom made a comment that she would never have thought that I would end up living on a dirt road and being an earth mama. I guess that she meant that while I was growing up and in my young adult hood I was a city girl and for me to live on a dirt road was a departure, however, what I wanted and still do want is the convenience of living in the city – which we do. Everything in the whole city is no more than 15 minutes away and we have a bank, grocery store, dry cleaner, hospital and several restaurants within 5 minutes from us. I am still a city girl!

As for the earth mama bit, I am going to have to ask her about that. Yes, I am baby wearing and using cloth diapers, but those things are on the rise and a lot of people do both those things. What in my personality made her think that I would be “mainstream” and use a stroller or disposables?

Food for thought I guess…

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