Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother’s Day – The First of Many!

First it is important to know that I was feeling very bitter about Mother’s Day. This would be my first, the day I have been waiting my whole life to celebrate! The reason behind this was that my husband had to be out of town for work. While I was initially disappointed, I understood that the company was forcing him to work and that was that. Then, later, I found out that he could have canceled and chose not to. He kept saying things like “it’s not a big deal” and “the company is paying me to fish – to do my passion” and “there will be lots of Mother’s Day’s” and “we can just do Mother’s Day on Friday or the next weekend”

He seemed incapable of understanding how important this day was to me and how you don’t get a second first! So, I dropped the subject but deep down I felt like a part of my love for him was dying. How could I have married someone who did not have a clue and worse did not seem to care that this was so important to me – even if he didn’t think it was.

Then a few days ago, he came to me and told me that he had been thinking about it and that you don’t get a second first, so he was going to come home early on Sunday to spend Mother’s Day with Smug-Baby and I.

I got up Saturday morning after spending some time in bed with my sweet baby girl and found that when he had left earlier that morning, he had placed a dozen white roses in a vase on the table for me. I knew that he had finally realized how special this day was to me.

Sunday morning, Smug-Baby slept really long – like 9 hours long!! Then we got up and got dressed and headed out to find a baptism gift my friend, Jenna, who was having her baby, Toren, baptized that morning. I chose some board books, like “Goodnight Moon” and others for him. Then Smug-Baby
and I headed out to their church. They had rocking chairs set up in the back of the church for mothers with babies, so my friend Kelly and I sat there and nursed and rocked our babies throughout the service.

The service was very nice and when it was over I gave her my gift and took my leave. I then headed to my mom’s and presented her with the coasters I’d made with Smug-Baby’s footprints on them and a shawl. We talked a bit and took a tour of her garden before I left to go meet Smug-Hub.

We met at my favorite Indian restaurant who was having a special Mother’s Day buffet and I don’t think that they were expecting such a large turnout because as soon as they brought out more food, plates, bowls, etc. they were snatched up by the hungry masses J We ate ourselves silly and Smug-Baby was very good, just sitting on one of our laps and watching the people go by.

After that we came home and Smug-Hub gave me a sweet card and pair of earrings, little hoops with an amethyst in between two diamonds. They are really special and something I can pass down to Smug-Baby
when she is older.

We spent the rest of the day relaxing and getting ready for work the next day. It was a wonderful, lovely day and I am so blessed to have such an amazing family!!

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