Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Jinxing Myself

I know that by typing this out I am jinxing myself and will be kicking myself tomorrow, but…

We have had three really good nights in a row!! This week, so far, has been really good in the sleeping department! Smug-Baby has gone down for a restful sleep at about 9pm each night and only nursed once or twice during the night. I have woken a few times to roll over or whatever, but basically have gotten 5-6 hours of solid sleep before Smug-Baby wants to nurse sometime around 2am.

She is actually not nursing much during the day this week either and I wonder if she is starting to wean herself a bit. She still nurses for comfort and to fall asleep at night and I am really happy about the developments. I like that she is still nursing and I love the bonding, but I am getting tired of her trying to nurse and “dance” at the same time and causing me pain J I guess this is the natural evolution of things and I am OK with it.

Getting some decent sleep during the evenings has allowed me to function better during the day and I have been getting a lot done. This is the last week that I will be caring for Smug-Niece and I feel like I am doing a better job of being there for both girls now that I am not feeling so tired that I can’t move. I am really looking forward to next week when it is just Smug-Baby and I and my normal “to do” list. I want to get naps established first thing and get my house back into shape, but I am really looking forward to a more relaxed schedule and lots of time to play with my girl!!!

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