Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I am so excited about Thanksgiving this year. I am always excited about seeing my family and eating all that wonderful food, but this year I am also excited because Smug-Baby is just so full of personality now! The last time the family was together was at Easter and she was still pretty clingy wants only Smug-Hub and I and didn't have much fun with the other kids.

Now she is starting to feel more confident in herself and her world. I think that it will take her some time to warm up to everyone (because my family is large and loud and it is probably overwhelming for a tiny person), but I think that this year, she will be running around with the other kids and getting into stuff and having a fun time.

I am also really excited about all the food! Oh, I mentioned that already did I? Well, I like food and I like eating and I like cooking, so its a trifecta of awesome!!

Today after I leave the office I am going home to make a pound cake, cranberry salad and a sweet potato casserole! The pound cake is from Paula Dean, and I made it last week too and it is OMG awesome!!! The cranberries are a recipe that I got from the Grandmother of an old boyfriend a 100 years ago and everyone loves it. You know if it came from a grandma it is going to be good! The sweet potatoes are going to be vegan! Everyone in my family is a huge meat eater and always turns their noses up at my "strange" eating habits, but they all love my sweet potatoes and they are totally vegan! I make it with Silk Creamer and Earth Balance, they are creamer and wonderful and everyone loves them! I don't have the heart to tell them that they are eating something "strange"!

I may spill the beans this year, because my cousin recently watched Food, Inc. and has decided that my "Strange" eating habits might be something she wants to partake in too! I think that she is cutting out all animal products completely, while I am less hardcore when it comes to holiday's! I like the traditional favorites and I try to eat really decently the rest of the year, so I give myself a break around the holiday's.

I am really looking forward to being with all these people that I love so much! I want to hang out and talk and catch up with what everyone has been doing and I squeeze the babies and see how much the kids have grown! There are a couple pregnant belly's to be kissed and some football to be watched. I want to relax and let others entertain my child for a bit and just be with people who love me, even if I eat "Strangely"!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

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