Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Twilight... Finally!

I have finally started listening to Twilight on CD. With everything about the book and movie bombarding me from every angle, I felt that it was time. I had purchased the book on CD to listen to while on my trip to China, but wasn't really in to it, so I passed it over while on the trip.

I would say that I am more than half way finished and while it is entertaining, it is not very well written and perhaps I am just to old, but as much as I love the whole vampire thing (read: Sookie Stackhouse obsessed), this book is just a wee bit cheesy.

I have heard mixed reviews on the movie and it seems that people who liked the book are not liking the movie, but people who have not read the book are saying that the movie is fine. A nice love story!

I wonder if it is that my ideas of vampires are pretty set or if I have issues with a 90 year old vampire dating a 17 year old child, or maybe that the whole vampire thing is, in my mind, synonymous with a lot of sex and there is no sex.

I think that I will be glad when it is finished, because I felt the need to see what all the fuss was about, but I don't think that I have any interest in reading the rest of the series. At least not at this point in the story.


  1. i've heard so much about these books and have read NONE of them lol

  2. Well my 11 year old has read the entire series about 5 times. She absolutely loved it. My wife loaded them up and took them an hour and a half to see the movie because it didnt come out where we live. She loved the movie also. I haven't read them yet but am planning on it just to see what the hype is about .