Saturday, March 7, 2009

So, What up with me?

I have been neglecting my blog and most everything else lately. I got to feeling like all I was doing was complaining or talking about not being able to get pregnant again and I don't want to be that girl - all bitching and negativity and nothing positive.

Today's post is going to be some of both...

I don't feel like I am adjusting to my new position very well. I know that they hire a lot of people right out of high school and they are young and new to the workforce, but the supervisor treats everyone like they are in kindergarten - like putting "good job" stickers on score sheets (score sheets are another issue, but more on that later). My nephew is 6 and his kindergarten teacher uses stickers. The score sheets, monitoring, proficiency tests, etc. seem very high school to me. Besides the fact that "tests" have a negative connotation attached to them, they are negative behavior reinforcement. I feel like if you are expected to be an adult and do your job, then you are expected to do what you are supposed to do, and monitoring and testing is causing people to focus on test taking instead of knowledge retention. I feel that all this stuff reinforces childish behavior because the supervisor treats everyone like children.

I am also frustrated because my new supervisor has not had time to train me much. I have been there about 7 weeks and I can only count 4 hours that she has sat with me. When she does sit with me, so goes over screens and how to do stuff with no context. These are items that I may run access at some point in the future and I have no place to stick this in my memory bank - then when I ask a question, she is shocked that I don't remember that we have talked about it. She says that it takes about 6 months to become fully trained, well I believe it! If I am only going to get "training" a few hours a month, it is going to take a damn long time.

I have asked her to let someone else in the department who is fully proficient sit with me and go over with me everything that comes along in real time. She refused. I think that since volume is slow this would give myself and someone else full hours, and since the department would be 2 people slow, everyone else would have more volume, thus increasing the odds of getting more hours and more pay. As it stands, I have been bringing home $250 a week since I have been in this department, so it can't continue too much longer without my having to get a second (or another) job.

I have been in contact with several people who work for another company and they really want me to consider coming over there. This company is a good one, who may be as about recession proof as one can be right now. I think that I am going to apply for an analyst position and it nothing else work on polishing my resume and brushing up on my interview skills. Perhaps they will offer me something really good and I could take it until my current company gets back on its feet and has something good for me. Perhaps I find that I really like this new company and a job there better. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps... It certainly can't hurt to put feelers out there and see what happens. I love my company, I have been there 8 years and it is scary to think about leaving, but I am so unhappy right now and add to that the money issue and I think that God is pushing me to look at other options.

The weather today is supposed to be wonderful, about 75 degrees, so Mom and I are going to take a nice bike ride about noon, and then we are having some friends over for dinner tonight and tomorrow we are headed to a bridal show to help our photographer friends - so the weekend is going to be a busy one, but I think it is going to be full of fun things and not homework for a change! I am really looking forward to a time when homework is a word I don't use!

I am also looking forward to starting a new course next week, Finance is going to be 10 weeks and then I have a nice 6 week break - I bet the 10 weeks leading up to it will be long and drag, but I will get though it and when it is over we are heading to Albuquerque for a week, so that will be some much needed R&R!!

I was at a Pampered Chef party last night and the consultant is one that I have gotten to know a bit and she had a miscarriage a month or so before I had mine and she and her husband have been trying since, just like Smug-Hub and I, so we have bonded a bit over that. Anyway, she told me last night that they finally succeeded and they are about 12 weeks along. I am so happy for her and don't feel any jealousy or anything - just happy for her. I am currently at day 34 today, so I am hopeful, but not freaking out or taking test after test or anything. If it happens it happens and if not, next month. I think that I am going to try to wait until next weekend to test, I think that I ovulated late this month, so I don't want to get too excited too early.

I am going to get the house cleaned up now to get ready for the dinner tonight, turn on some good music and get stuff knocked out! I am really trying to think positively and, in the words of The Beatles, Let It Be....

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  1. Have you tested?! I've been keeping my fingers crossed for you.