Saturday, March 21, 2009

Vacation... Sort of

When we were last here, I was getting ready to take my godson to a movie and to Chuck E. Cheese. He loved every minute of the day, even though we had to wait in line, in the rain, for 2 hours to get in the front door at Chuck E. Cheese. I guess that since it was a Saturday and raining everyone in town decided to take their kids to Chuck E. Cheese. Once inside, he played and played and had the time of his life. I also took him to see Race to Witch Mountain and while it was not great, I think that I was expecting it to be a lot worse, so it was enjoyable.

We had the big family Sunday dinner the following day and while that was wonderful, I was really exhausted by the time everyone left. I thought that I would be really relieved to have my godson gone and life back to normal, but instead I felt really depressed. I really loved having him here, helping him with his homework, taking and picking him up from school, quizzing him about his spelling words over dinner. That is all I want out of life and to get a taste and then have it gone was hard.

It rained from Thursday of that week through Tuesday of this week, so that really added to my depression. I ended up coming home Monday and just crying and crying. I guess I needed to let it all out. I am still really grieving the loss of my job and upset about how much I hate my new job. I am burned out on school and not really looking forward to the remaining work. Add to all this missing the whole acting like a mom thing and I was just a mess.

By the next day, I was feeling better, like I got it all out. I am still unhappy about all the things I am unhappy about, but I have a lot to be grateful for and I am trying to concentrate on the good stuff. It didn't hurt that Tuesday was the last day of work before I took the rest of the week off because my husband's family was arriving on Wednesday.

His father arrived first and we took him downtown for lunch and some exploring. While at one of the shops, we got the call that two of his brothers had arrived in town, so we directed them to meet up and then all headed back to the house. We spent the afternoon visiting talking and then everyone took a little nap - they were all beat from travel. We had a late dinner and then spent the night talking and laughing and watching stand up comedy. I finally went to bed about 2am, which is unheard of for me - I am strictly a 9pm bedtime girl.

Thursday everyone slept most of the day, I had gotten a flat tire the day before so I went to get a new one and then had to go to class. The class was not too bad, I feel like I have really gotten over the hump, I know that I am almost finished and I know how to deal with the remaining teachers we have and I only have 16 nights left!!

Friday was again a sleep in mind of day, I think that everyone was up and moving by about noon, then I left to do the grocery shopping for the party that night, which my husband took his family on a driving tour of the city and up to the star and stuff like that. Once we all met back at the house, everyone pitched in to get the house cleaned up and the food going for the dinner and following party.

Dinner and the party was really fun. Not everyone was able to make it, but we still had a house full of people, lots of good food and good wine, talking and laughing well into the night. It was again 2am before I went to bed. I would have slept longer, but my husbands CPAP machine was squeaking, so I was up by 8:30 this morning. I spent some time getting the kitchen cleaned up, and am typing now.

We are hoping to go on a bike ride or hike today, but it is going to depend on when everyone gets up and moving. It is 11am now, so we will see...

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