Monday, June 22, 2009

Dolly Parton Meets Linda Blair

So, morning sickness continues all day, everyday. Actually the middle of the day is generally my best time; not that I feel good mind you, I am just not normally hanging over the toilet or whimpering with the constant nausea. The mornings are horrible generally and the evenings are sucking great big ass. I tend to toss the ole cookies mostly at night, fun stuff!!

Not getting good sleep also seems to lend itself to feeling worse. My dead-beat brother called at midnight Friday night to ask for money to bail his girlfriend out of jail where she had been taken after being charged with assaulting her grandfather. Classy right? He tells me that the grandfather is senile and forgets things and has beaten her up several times and this time she fought back and he called the police. Being that I am a bit of a push over, my husband met up with my brother to give him $100, which was all I could spare and my brother promised to pay me back on Saturday once his paycheck had cleared the bank.

I woke up when he called and I felt so sick, that I ended up not being able to get back to sleep and only getting about 2 hours, so I was massively sick all night and all the next day. He never called to bring me money or check on how I was feeling.

This weekend was Smug-Sisters wedding picnic/cookout to celebrate her marriage. We had tons of people in from out of town, including one couple and their child that stayed with us. My grandparents from FL were in town and so on. I hated feeling so badly and heading home to rest all the time, but everyone seemed to understand. I still felt bad about not being any help to Smug-Sister or spending more time with my grandparents and other family.

I am glad that the weekend is over and everyone is headed home and I can go back to being my whinny, sick, feeling lousy self. I tried to watch movies last night and keep my mind off feeling like crap, but it did not really work.

I called my brother and told him to bring the money by my house before 8:30 last night (Sunday), he said that he would. He never showed.

Here is the thing about giving him money. I don't do it for him, I do it because I feel better knowing that I did what I could to help someone in need. I don't even do it thinking that he will pay me back, but it still hurts me deeply when over and over again he uses me.

I told him I was sick (did not tell him why) he has never called to check on me or offer to pick up soup or anything. He is too involved with himself and his own life to care one tiny speck for anyone else.

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  1. oh man! sounds like you are having a rough go of it, girl! hang in there. my neighbor, who is also preggers, said that eating something constantly helped her morning sickness. she said having an empty stomach is what made her feel sick. it can only last for a few weeks. soon you will feel better. :)

    as far as your brother is concerned, i can't help you. my brothers have been a pain in the ass since they were born. when i figure it out, i'll let you know!