Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Post About Recent Death (or, Not A Pregnancy Post)

Billy Mays: My husband got a huge kick out of watching Pitchmen, where Billy Mays and Antony Sullivan work together to bring new inventions to reality. It is actually funny to watch and some of the inventions are really cool.

So we were saddened to hear of Billy passing away on Sunday at the age of 50. His death is very strange and it could be many days before his cause of death is known. It is very sad in the wake of the other two high profile deaths to hear of Billy passing as well. He seemed to be smart, funny and very good at his job. I know that he will be missed dearly by his family.

Rest in Peace Billy

Farrah Fawcett: I was never a fan, I was too young when she was famous on Charlie's Angels and really only knew as being kind of a ditz on David Letterman. I wish that I had known her other works, but I can't say that I was a fan.

I am however, deeply sad that Michael Jackson's death has overshadowed Farrah's to such an extent. I know that it must hurt her family to be in such morning and have their pain pushed aside for a "bigger" story.

Rest in Peace Farrah

Michael Jackson: The first cassette tape I ever owned (which was the first piece of music that was ever all mine) was Thriller. I listened to that tape until it was completely warn out! My parents grew up loving the Jackson 5, so even they got into Thriller a bit.

The younger generations seem to know Michael much better for his strange private life and scandal than for his musical genius and I feel that this is sad.

As for the scandal, here are my thoughts (which are not designed to offend anyone). I don't believe that Michael ever was sexually inappropriate with his children or other peoples children. I believe that Michael never grew up, his mind never progressed past that of a child's. So having sleepovers with kids and everyone sharing beds would not seem out of line if all the kids were in fact kids. Yes, a grown man sleeping in the same bed as children not his own is inappropriate, but Michael never became a grown man.

I think that the abuse he suffered as a child combined with such immense fame and wealth stunted his development and he just never progressed beyond childhood. This is more a disease than being a pervert.

I place more blame with the other full grown adults that surrounded Michael and let him engage in behavior that was inappropriate. People that surround famous people are notorious for using the famous person for their own means and not having the famous person's best interests at heart. This just makes me feel sorry for him more than anything else and I hope now he has found peace.

Rest in Peace Michael

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