Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Getting Ready

My swollen feet and legs are really ready to be finished with being pregnant, but I have really enjoyed the whole process. OK, maybe not the morning sickness, occasional heartburn and needing to pee eight times in the middle of the night, but I have loved the rest! I have loved feeling like within me, I have loved knowing that the love that my husband and I have for each other created this perfect little miracle!

The time, this whole 8 plus months has flown by! So much has changed and so much has happened and it all seems to have happened so fast. All the time we spent trying to get pregnant and month after month of waiting to test and hoping and crying feels so far away. Even the morning sickness feels like it was a lifetime ago and yet like no time has passed at all. Time is a funny thing I guess.

Our daughter's room is almost complete. There is one window valance that is stubbornly on back order and should be here in a few weeks, but other than that her room is ready for her - although, we have pretty much decided to keep her in bed with us, so she will never use it :) but it looks really beautiful and it makes me all the more excited for her arrival.

We took a tour of the hospital where we will deliver and even though they are not supposed to, they let us see one of the labor and delivery rooms and we got to talk with one of the nurses who really put my fears to rest. I have been hearing about the control issue the nurses have and how they like their routines and procedures and can get really nasty with you, but this women acted like everything I wanted to have happen would not be a big deal at all. The rooms are really nice with hard wood floors and a flat screen TV with a DVD player and a stereo system so we can play music or movies if we want to. There is blanket warmer in one corner and a fold out couch that turns into a full size bed.

Our plan is to labor at home until 6 centimeters and then head to the hospital just for the delivery, but if something happens and we need to go sooner or stay longer, I am feeling more comfortable about it. After the delivery, we will be moved to another floor and stay there for recovery or whatever. She said that 2 days was the standard, but I am going to ask the doctor about checking out right away and getting home to our own bed and stuff. I can't imagine why you would stay if everyone is doing fine enough to be moved to the other floor, but I will find out and if I need to stay two days, I'll stay two days, it's not a big deal!

I still want to put some more CD's onto my iPod - I can't imagine that I will want to listen to Rob Zombie during labor, but you never know and I want to be prepared! I also want to bake some cookies and muffins to put into the freezer and take with us for the nurses. I am not above bribery when it comes to the labor and delivery and care of myself and my daughter that I want!! I am thinking that I need to put together some food for my husband and the Doula while at the hospital too, non-perishable items, like cup-a-soups and juice boxes. I don't want anyone getting hungry (or leaving me for the cafeteria for that matter!)

Last thing that I need to do before being totally ready is to clean the house, I want to make sure that everything is really clean since I am sure that I will not feel like doing any cleaning for a while after Smug-Baby arrives. I need to file some paperwork and I have this overwhelming desire to clean out the bathroom drawers and toss all the outdated meds and crap in there. I sort of want to do this in the kitchen too, but we need a pantry style cabinet to put all the stuff we don't use much in, but we don't have the cash for that, so I probably will not tackle that job until later.

I have been taking a yoga class every week and I want to start swimming some, I feel like the water would be soothing to my hot swollen feet and the movement would get the blood circulating without putting the pressure of walking on my poor feet but things keep coming up, like my brother needing a ride to the store yesterday and having to work late today and meeting with the life insurance guy tonight. My plan is to go tomorrow, but we will have to see what odd unexpected thing pops up to keep me away. As a side note, I can no longer reach my legs well to shave them, so the gym is in for a treat!!

I hope that my daughter decides to come about 12 days early and here is why. I am working on this special project at work right now so I am not working in customer service at all, which is wonderful because I really hate working on customer service. So, I really want to complete this project which will be on Jan 27th or 28th and then I tie up last minute loose ends on the 29th before the weekend. Also, I have some pampering appointments set up for that Saturday Jan 30th. I am getting a hair cut, my eyebrows waxed, a manicure and pedicure and finally a 90 minute prenatal massage!! I figured that I not only will complete this project on time and looking fabulous, I have done almost 9 months of pregnancy without issue!! I deserve to feel pampered for a day! BTW - I will find a way to get my legs shaved for this stuff, even if I have to make my husband do it for me!

But then see, Monday I head back up to customer service and I really, really don't want to go back up there. It will undo all the pampering of the weekend! I would like to go into labor on the 31st - even the 1st as long as it is like before I have to leave for work at 5:15am (Yeah - yuck!) That way, I would be feeling all relaxed and pampered and geared up for the labor, delivery and start of my whole new world! I have heard that there are some pressure points that can bring on labor, so I will tell the massage chick to pressure away! I will also do anything else that I can think of to bring on labor that week! If Smug-Baby is not ready, it won't work so no harm in trying!!

I am so excited to meet my daughter! Now, if she would just stop pressing on my bladder all the live long day….

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