Friday, January 8, 2010

I Am Alive

I have been so caught up in the holidays and family and then getting a nasty head cold that I have not given blogging a second thought. Sorry about that, I know that you guys are waiting with bated breath for the next installment of my boring life!!

I have been really busy getting ready for Smug-Baby, we have about 5 weeks left (give or take) and I am anxious to make sure that stuff like the car seat is installed, the nursery is all set up just so, getting a tour of the hospital, getting the hospital bag ready, stuff like that. I actually only have the car seat installed yet, but I am working on the rest of it.

I have really fallen behind on everything! I am working to get caught up with the bills, the housecleaning, friends - everything. I feel like the holiday's just took everything, all my money and all my energy!

My husband's family was here for Christmas, so I had 4 extra people in my house for almost a week, which normally would have been fine, except we are in Virginia, where we got that 2 feet of snow the weekend before Christmas and it has still not melted due to record setting cold temperatures. I was not able to get my car up our driveway for almost 2 weeks!

Christmas was wonderful though with all that family from out of town plus all my family, we had two really big gatherings and at one Smug-Sister announced that she was expecting. Now, as you may remember, she lost a pregnancy and a tube just a matter of weeks ago (October 12 to be exact) and she is now over 8 weeks along, meaning that she got pregnant a mere 5 weeks after losing her baby and major surgery! She seems very happy and is having mild morning sickness, so I wish her the best. I know that I was not ready to try again 5 weeks after I lost my baby so it is hard for me in some ways, but I am trying to just let her live her life and worry about my own :)

After the holiday's and the family left, Hubby and I went up to Maryland for the Dallas/Redskins football game, which was like the coolest thing I have ever done in my life! I have never been to a professional game and I love football. Hubs is a Dallas fan and I am a Skins fan along with all my family, so it was great fun and good natured ribbing and lots of food - we tailgated for 8 hours before the game started!

Of course, the next day I had a sore throat and have been sick ever since. It is really hanging on too and I am really anxious for it to get along with it's bad self and leave me the hell alone!! I am tired of blowing my nose all day!!

What else… I am huge by the way! I am finding that I have to aim and plop when I go to sit down and have issues getting back up again. My knees are sore as are most of my joints and my feet and legs have been swelling a bit more than before. However, I am so excited about this baby and I will really miss being pregnant once she is born. I have had a good pregnancy overall and I like feeling my belly move and thinking about how amazing creating life is!!

I got my wedding photographer to take some really cool belly pictures for me this week and I can't wait tell I get them back and can post them here! I really wanted to make sure that this amazing pregnancy is captured with reverence! I will post as soon as I have them.

I think that is pretty much it. I will really try to update more often! I miss blogging and reading others!

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  1. yay! i hope you post some of the pics...i know you looked gorgeous :) can't wait for Smug-Baby
    to get here!