Monday, June 14, 2010

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin

This was an amazing weekend! Smug-Baby
rolled over from her back to her stomach for the first time on Saturday (June 12, 2010). I spent some time shopping with a friend on Friday and her son is rolling over and scooting around a bit and I told her that I felt that Smug-Baby was really close to rolling over and it would probably be very soon.

Well, I took her to a mom and baby yoga class on Saturday afternoon and she was lying next to this other baby and they were checking each other out and Smug-Baby
rolled onto her side, which she has been doing for a week or so. Then she and this other baby grabbed hands and both tried to her the others hand into their respective mouths. This created something for Smug-Baby to pull on and she flipped over onto her stomach. The other few mothers, the teacher of the class and I all clapped and whooped (scaring the one poor baby boy in the class). I had my phone handy and had been snapping shots of their interaction, so I was able to catch most of the action!

Then during the class, I had her in between my spread legs while stretching and she rolled herself over again! After the class, I took her to my dad’s place where Smug-Hub and he were watching the USA vs. England World Cup game. I put her on a blanket on the floor and she flipped right over again!

Sunday she kept rolling over but got frustrated as she has apparently forgotten how to pull her arm out from under her body once she is on her stomach. I also think that she is either having a growth spurt, teething a bit, or both as she spent Sunday nursing, chewing on my hands and sleeping.

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend. Dad and I took Smug-Baby on a bike ride Saturday morning (us on bikes, her in a trailer…sleeping). Then we all went to breakfast and met up with Smug-Sister. We also walked around a bit downtown at the market. Then there was the yoga class and more time with family. Sunday was relaxed with just a bit of time spent cleaning out some of Smug-Baby ’s things that she no longer has use for and passing it on to Smug-Sister and others. We watched the World cup games and made a run to the grocery store. Not overly exciting Sunday, but nice all the same. Again, I am so grateful for my life and all my blessings!

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