Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Good Morning, it's Tuesday and it is going to be about 1,000 degrees out today! OK, not 1,000, just 97 but still... Today my niece is scheduled to be born and I am totally excited for my sister.

I feel so excited, probably more excited than I have a right to be, but I am anyway. I want to hold my sister's hand and tell her everything is going to be fine. I want to hold and squeeze the new little life that has decided to come join our family!

This is a new thing for our family. This is the first scheduled delivery, scheduled c-section. When Smug-Nephew 1 was born, my sister was induced and planned to have a natural delivery, but 60 hours of labor later he was delivered by c-section. When I had my daughter, Smug-baby, I went into labor naturally in the middle of the night, so there hasn't been this particular type of anticipation before and we are all jumping out of our skin!

I hope that everything happens as it is supposed to and on time and in just a few hours I will be holding my new niece and thinking how tiny she is compared with Smug-baby!!

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