Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Smug-Baby is 6 Months Old

Smug-Baby is 6 months old. She is growing so fast that I can hardly believe it! Here are a few notable things about my 6 month old girl!

She military crawls all over the house. She can get anywhere she wants to go using her feet/knees and elbows to scoot to her desired destination.

She has one small tooth cutting through her gum, the bottom left front tooth and the bottom right front tooth seems to be close behind. This teething has her nose running a bit and she is more irritable. She is a really happy baby, but the effect of teething has her crying out in frustration more and she has awoken screaming in pain a few times.

She has decided that she no longer likes noises out of the ordinary. She hates the vacuum with a passion, she cries at the sight of it, not just the noise. She does not like the dish washer or the mixer either and will do that climb-up-you-crawl thing when something is turned on and cry pitifully in fear.

She is also starting to have a fear of strangers unless she is held tightly by mom or dad. She doesn't like being in the high-chair when strangers are at the table, or playing on the floor when strangers come over to visit.

She has started this thing where she wiggles her wrist, almost like a wave, but it can be with a closed fist, or while she has something in her hand.

She acts like a crack-head getting a fix whenever there is a glass of ice water around; shaking her arms and legs in excitement and this look of total joy and desire on her face. She will start at the bottom of the glass and suck on the condensation, then work her way up to the top and try to "drink" like mom and dad do.

We did get her a sippy cup and she enjoys sucking in some water, grinning at us and spitting the water out across the room and all down her front.

She no longer likes to have her daddy and I out of her line of sight; even if one of us is holding her or playing with her and the other leaves the room she will momentarily make her dislike of this known.

She is easily distracted. We are able to take the shoe that was left laying around the house out of her mouth (yuck) and replace it with a toy. This love of shoes and other non-toys has her daddy and I scrambling to get the house baby-proofed since she is suddenly a lot more mobile.

She still smiles and charms strangers and family alike and is so beautiful it takes my breath away to look at her. She is love and light and I am beyond lucky that she chose me to be her mama!

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  1. You got her a sippy cup!? Did you do that after I told you Toren got one? Ha ha. He likes his. :) Miss you