Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Struggles to get Motivated

I need some help here people. I really want to get in shape! I have lost all 33 pounds of pregnancy weight (actually that was all gone about 4 weeks after Smug-Baby was born) but I am not where I need to be to healthy and fit and feeling good. I need to lose more poundage true, but I really want to be fit and firm and most importantly feeling good.

I feel like it is a struggle to play on the floor with my sweet baby girl, because my back hurts all the time and it is hard to get up and down. I have no flexibility anymore and very little strength. I think back to the days when I was thin and strong. I worked in a gym and worked out everyday for a good hour. I have always tried to make exercise part of my routine but as I have gotten older it has dwindled down to almost nothing. Now, instead of exercise being something that I just do, it is a struggle and a hardship.

I purchased a bike last year and rode a couple times a week until I got too big and pregnant to keep it up and since the beginning of spring my dad and I have taken weekly 10 mile rides every Saturday morning. Every Friday I take a power walk with my mom, so it's not like I get no exercise, but it's not enough! I need to do more.

Becks and Jen have both inspired me to get up and moving and I decided that I would simply do the 8 Minute series each day. Then in a few weeks add the Slim-in-6 program DVD that I purchased a few years ago and really liked. Then the sore throat started and that people is where I am today.

I am tired of being tired and feeling sick and since the sore throat is feeling slightly better today, I think that I have to start doing this plan in a day or so. Maybe I should start over the weekend? Give myself time to get feeling totally better?

Bottom line, I need to get moving and I need to clean up my diet! No more eating 13 of Pioneer Woman's wonderful molasses cookies instead of lunch (OMG they totally rock though!!) I am putting it out there, letting everyone know that I am committing to getting back to feeling good!!

How hard can it be? The 8 minute videos are just that 8 minutes each! I can find a few 8 minute slices of time in which to start getting back in shape and the Slim-in-6 video is only something like 25 minutes! Add that daily to my weekly walks and bike rides and I should be back in shape in no time!!

Oh look, there is leftover Pineapple Upside-Down Cake...


  1. Have you looked into the eating stuff I was telling you about? With breastfeeding, you can alter your calorie intake to help you a lot. This obviously won't tone your muscles, but could still be helpful. :) Love you and you are doing GREAT!

  2. I feel qualified to respond. After feeling very similar (not the new mother part) and wanting to make a change, I'm happy to say that I have acheived a fitness lifestyle. It's not easy, but you know that I have many MANY years on you. The point is that change is possible - if I can do it - most anybody can do it!

    I can help with the "how" but there is not enough comment space or bandwith to cover it all. E-Mail me.
    Peace - KG