Monday, August 23, 2010

Birthday Weekend

My darling, Smug-Hub, turned 35 this weekend. I did my very best to make his day and the whole weekend really, super nice for him. Since money is tight, his gift consisted of a book on fly-fishing, an iTunes gift card and the new Kevin Hart DVD, Seriously Funny I think that he liked his gifts as well as the Saturday morning breakfast of french toast and a BLT.

We also went downtown to his favorite restaurant for lunch and to visit a few of his favorite stores. Then in the evening we had all the family over for a cookout and there was so much food, that we will probably be eating for the rest of the week without having to cook anything new!

His phone kept beeping with Facebook updates from his friends and family posting birthday wishes. He also received a few gift cards and some Dallas Cowboys stupid crap fan gear. I made pineapple upside-down cake after calling him mother to get her recipe and he said that it was great and just like being at home.

He got to eat his favorite foods, sleep in, spend time with Smug-Mama and Smug-Baby, go fishing and get gifts! He said that it was a perfect birthday weekend!! I am exhausted!! It's hard work making someones weekend perfect!

I have been fighting some sinus crap for a while now, I start feeling badly so I take vitamin D and Emergen-C and try to rest and it goes away without really developing into anything major. The problem is that it keeps coming back and I really don't have the option to be sick and I can't take anything that will dry up the drainage in my sinuses because it would also dry up Smug-Baby's food supply!! So, I just deal with these occasional days of feeling less than 100% and hope for the best.

Last night, I promised myself that as soon as the baby is no longer nursing and no longer sleeping in our bed, I will take some NyQuil or something else that will not my ass out for 12 hours and just sleep and sleep and wake up feeling good and not more tired!

I love that she sleeps with us, because I am tired all the time now and can't imagine if I had to get out of bed and go get her from another bed or another room to nurse in the middle of the night. If I had to I would be a zombie!! As it stands now, I just have to roll over and aim the boob towards her face and go back to sleep!! It is so totally easy, but I'm still tired :) 

It's a new week and with it comes a new weeks worth of dust and laundry and the like, but it also brings more changes and growth from Smug-Baby, so all in all, life it really great!!

Happy Birthday honey, I love you forever and always!!

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