Wednesday, August 18, 2010


She is so beautiful! She is a total contrast from Smug-Baby. Smug-Baby is dark, dark hair, dark eyes, porcelain skin. Smug-Niece has blond hair, blue eyes and is so pink all over you just want to eat her like a cupcake!

She has the softest thickest hair I have ever seen on a baby and long!! The nurse styled her hair into a Mohawk of all things! It is the first thing Smug-Sister noticed when she was wheeled to the nursery window too! "Get that Mohawk off my baby and get that baby to my room!!!"

She weighed in at 8 pounds, 15 ounces and is 20 inches long. She was born at 2:18pm on August 10, 2010. She is perfect and lovely and wonderful and totally loved!

I introduced Smug-Baby to her cousin and she seemed fairly nonplussed, but I feel that will change. I predict that within 1 year, they will become best pals and spend their childhoods playing together and being close as sisters!

Smug-Niece is so small compared to Smug-Baby! They were almost the same size at birth, but Smug-Niece feels so light and tiny! I can't imagine her being any smaller, like if she had been 6 pounds of something! She is just so small and cute and I had a hard time letting her parents take her back into their loving embrace.

I can't wait to get back over to the hospital to squeeze her again!

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